control panel s/c

  frenchman96 17:43 24 Mar 2008

What is the easiest way to place control panel s/c on desktop please.

Have done a google but i think there is an easier way than some people proposed

  rossgolf 17:44 24 Mar 2008

drag and drop

  Gongoozler 17:46 24 Mar 2008

Click Start, place the mouse pointer over Control Panel and drag it onto the desktop.

  MaxUpload 17:46 24 Mar 2008

Start : Right Click and hold "Control Panel" icon : drag it onto your desktop : let go mouse : "Create Shortcut Here" : done!

  Gongoozler 17:48 24 Mar 2008

rossgolf - I typed more words than you - but I don't suppose that accounts for the 2 minutes delay. I admit that I had to test it first ;-)

  frenchman96 17:52 24 Mar 2008

Hi Guys

Some quick answers but dont work for me, I know how to drag and drop but its not working.

1--c/o Start does not show control panel.

2--c/o start/settings/control panel/drag & drop dont work.

3--I have always had it on d/t but just formatted and configuring all??

  ACOLYTE 18:30 24 Mar 2008

You have to add control panel to the Start menu from the task bar properties menu,but it should work by drag and drop when it shows.

  frenchman96 19:14 24 Mar 2008

Not sure if I am missing something but

A)the only place I can find C/P is start/settings/control panel/and that wont drag.

B)r/c in taskbar/properties/no sign of c/p

  rdave13 19:33 24 Mar 2008

- left click start and right click on where the control panel would be (not on one of the selections but in the grey area or just right cick on the Start button). A properties box should pop up (or a box with many selections and Properties being one of them)
- Left click on the properties box. You should see the Taskbar and Start Menu tabs.
- Put a dot in the radio selection for the Start menu (not the Classic Start menu) and then click on the customize button.
- Now you should see the General and Advanced tabs. Select the Advanced tab.
- The Control Panel should be the first item in the list. Put a dot in the Display As A Link radio button.
- Click "OK" (it closes), click "Apply" then click "OK"
- Your Control Panel should be back on the start menu

  Eric10 22:17 24 Mar 2008

If you just want a shortcut on your Desktop. Right-click on the Desktop and chose New > Shortcut. Browse to C:\Windows\System32 and highlight control.exe then click OK (or just type C:\Windows\System32\control.exe in the box). Click next and type in a name then click Finish.

  frenchman96 06:32 25 Mar 2008


Top class instructions, all sorted now, answer being "start menu" of course. Thanks again for clear instructions as I do to others.

Thanks to all also.

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