Control childrens internet access

  The Sheep 17:12 15 Nov 2004

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone could suggest software which would allow me to control access to the internet (broadband). I want to set up my PC so that if the kids want to go on the net they have to enter a password (which only i will know). Is this possible and if so could you recomend the required software. Thanks.

  Graham ® 17:15 15 Nov 2004

You must be joking. Anything you put on, like Netnanny, they will have it sussed in no time. Playtime banter!

Lock the mouse away is my advice.

  sortof 17:17 15 Nov 2004

You should be able to do all you want with McAfee Internet Security or Norton Internet Security or just Net Nanny. You can download a trial of McAfee from the net.

  TomJerry 17:24 15 Nov 2004

you will have endless arguments with kids if evey time they have to ask you to get access. At the end, you will give up.

What you need is content filtering which block access of unsuitable sites based on rules. You can also block internet chat as well. So, you just set it and forget about it. If the kids cannot access certain sites, they come to you and you can add to allowed list if you think it is suitable site.

There are many programs do content filtering such as ZoneAlarm Pro. Even Internet Explorer itself has this function.

  spuds 17:26 15 Nov 2004

Free click here

Purchase or Trial click here

  TomJerry 17:29 15 Nov 2004

Tell kids you have installed a special keylogging program on the PC and every key stroke and mouse click will be logged and you will analyse the log from time to time. If you find any kid access unsuitable sites, you will ban them from using computer for a month. This will work for most kids, at least for mine.

This kind of keylogging program do exist. You do not need actually install one, just tell kids you have.

This approach only work if you know more about computers than kids.

  Belatucadrus 17:31 15 Nov 2004

click here iProtectYou free

click here we-blocker free.

click here Parental filter.

  josie mayhem 19:04 15 Nov 2004

Instead of software buy a new case, similar to mine, it solid aluminum, it has a security door that covers all the drives and on/off switch, once it locked they can't get in.

As mentioned above, and software they tend to get past if they won't!

  sortof 19:51 15 Nov 2004

Children need to get used to using PCs these days. Best not to stop them using it altogether. So better idea to use one of the free programs mentioned to restrict internet access or use McAfee Internet Security if you want to take the time to fathom how to use it.

  The Sheep 09:30 16 Nov 2004

thanks very much for all the info people. Will have alook at all recommended packages. Thanks again.

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