harlow 18:36 12 Jun 2007

I have recently been bothered by a popup called ContraVirus which tells me that I have hundreds of problems with my computer.

I have Windows MX SP2 with Defender, Norton Anti Virus and Spybot running regularly showing no problems.

Can anyone tell me anything about this popup and how to stop it.

Thanks. Harlow

  p;3 19:00 12 Jun 2007

judging by this search

click here=

you could try running

click here

click here

but you might be best off registering with

click here

click here

and posting a log for analysis click here

  harlow 08:18 13 Jun 2007

Thanks p;3. I did not download the malware.
All questions answered.

  p;3 08:32 13 Jun 2007

so are you clean of it or....????? how has this been resolved?

  harlow 07:59 15 Jun 2007

My computer seems to be clear of contravirus but my son, on a different pc has all sorts of trouble with it. Maybe we both picked it up from the same website.
The desktop icon keeps reapearing on his screen and the popup keeps coming back.
I pointed him and a friend to your reply and they spent a few hours trying to get rid of it but to no avail. They will try again later after a rethink. Does anyone else have any clues.
Thanks, Harlow.

  p;3 14:46 15 Jun 2007

how did YOU get rid of the thing?

I have had a relook at the links I have given ; needless to say we do NOT wish you to put on here what must be an infected web site link;

you do not say if your comps are linked?

however, my suggestion is that , because of what the links in this thread do say about the nasty; you and your son BOTH get registered with the malaware forum to get a log checked out for each comp infected;
register here
click here

read this lot

click here

get a log from

click here

'Save it to your desktop and then double-click to run it.
It will install the program in c:\program files\HijackThis.
Browse to that location with windows explorer, and double click on the HijackThis.exe program to run. Chose the 'Do a system scan and save a logfile'
That will allow you to save the log to the desktop (or some other place) and leave open a notepad file with the HijackThis log in it.

4. Post a HijackThis Log in the right place.
Now post your HijackThis log as a new topic - NOT as a reply to someone else's topic'

this link will only work to post your thread topic if you are logged in TO the malware forum
click here?

and read this too::))
click here

that seems to be what is being suggested by the links I have noseyed at;

if you get logs checked out they will assure you of being clean instead of hopefully being clean

choice is of course as always yours

if you do wish to register over ther let us know what usernames you go for so we can see how you get on?

  p;3 14:48 15 Jun 2007


use THIS link for a new topic post over there (ooppss!!!)

click here

I hope::))

  harlow 11:02 18 Jun 2007


Many thanks for your help, my pc was apparently cleared using my usual anti-spyware so I don't think it had infiltrated too deeply into the system, I have not had any more trouble.

My son managed to rid his pc with a 'little' help from his friends, I'm not sure how they did it. Our pc's are not linked but at the time I was checking on a delivery that he was expecting and used the same web sites.

I have looked at your links and for future reference have registered with the malware forum and downloaded HighjackThis so I should be ready for the next time.

Once again many thanks.

  pjwheeldon 10:23 27 Jul 2007

Managed to get rid of this off my Father's PC without lots of additional software and tweaking.

1. Turn off system restore

2. Search for all files for "Contra". Delete the files which are listed as Contra, leave the ones relating to other funtions (Contrast, etc)

3. Run Spybot and remove the associsted malware

4. Run AVG and remove the .exe it finds

5. Re-start system restore.

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