Contiuous slow dial up speed. (not servers fault)

  1948 12:47 26 Mar 2003

Ever since we bought a P.B Laptop Igo 3491 with a 56K V.92 Agere systems ac97 modem, AMD Athlon XP 1900+ processor just before xmas 02 the dial up connection speed has always been between 24/26K. This has been verified by PCW. technicians. It was reformatted by them & the neccessary drivers reinstalled. they managed to get the connection speed up to 27K but no further. They have telephoned PC. services. asking if they could come to the store to investigate but said as far as they are concerned there isnt a fault because the modem is working, albeit at a slow connection rate, so they dont want to know. The technician said he phoned Packard Bell telling them of the problem,again getting the response well the modem is working and its potential speed is 56K but we dont gurantee it will reach its full potential. So what that means is any thing from 0-56K is acceptable, which is a farce. We purchased said machine mainly for internet use. Reasonably, we thought that it would connect at decent speed ie 40+kbps, but not the 24/26kbps everytime we connected to the net. It seems that they have got me by the short & curlies and aren't budging to try and solve this problem even though there is an inherent problem which needs solving.

Please is there anybody out there who can give us any advice, because we dont know what else we can do. I did say I would get in touch with the trading standards to see if I have any legal rights regarding this situation. Surely it isnt unreasonable to expect goods bought in good faith to perform to their stated spec. I must stress that it isnt a server fault because we get a satifactory connection speed on our desktop P.C. running an AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Processor& 56K V.92modem at45/49K.

Well good people If there is anybody who owns a PB Igo 3491 Laptop with an AMD Athlon XP 1900 + Processor & same modem, do you have or had the same problem?

What connection speed would it be reasonable to expect? Does anyone out there use the same modem?

Your constructive advice as to how to deal with this problem would be gratefully recieved.

Does anyone have a contact e-mail address for Agere systems (formerly Lucent)?


  MichelleC 13:06 26 Mar 2003

It may help to get bt to turn up your 'gain' (or volume). This allows more dataflow. I went from 39 to 44bps when i did it.

Have you looked at all the modem controls? Also it could be worth uninstalling the drivers, rebooting, and reinstalling. My friend had 2 modem drivers installed on her laptop which conflicted.

  1948 14:42 26 Mar 2003

Michelle many thanks for quick response.

I had the gain turned up by BT a while ago. The laptop is still with PCW. They have reformmated & reinstalled the latest drivers and checked the settings, and still cant get the the dial up connection beyond 27K. and they seem to think that i should expect that and go away happy.

The anology is "say you bought a brand new car with the manufacturers spec of a top clock speed of 100mph, and a cruising speed of 70mph. You would comfortably expect it would drive within that cars spec. You quite happily drive home. But discover it won't go any faster than 35mph. You take it back to the garage and complain, and the mechanic says " well could you open the doors ok you say yes, did the ignition start the car, you say yes. Is the car nice and comfortable, you say yes. When you press the accelerator it starts to speed up,you say yes. So there is nothing wrong with it".

Would you accept this situation. The answer is obviously, "No!".

This is exactly the same situation we are experiencing with this Laptop. regards, Dave.

  roygbiv 17:34 26 Mar 2003

I had the same trouble, my speed was only 24kbps, now it has gone up to 40.0kbps. It was down to a "DACS" box BT had put on the pole (to get more lines) it cuts down your speed, You have to keep on to BT as they say there is nthing wrong. KEEP COMPLAINING, (it took me 3 months to get it off.

  woodchip 18:37 26 Mar 2003

If you read above he get's a good speed with a desktop on the same line, So I would say your comments do not apply in this case.

I would go to as you say trading standards.

Or if you payed by credit card, contact them and say you are not satisfied as they are responsible in a way of protecting you from such abuse

  Gaz 25 19:15 26 Mar 2003

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