Continuous screeching noise

  Catastrophe 11:32 18 Feb 2009

Very old pc used only for word processing emits loud continuous screech short time (5-30 seconds) after boot. Fans working OK. Have disconnected HDD and DVD. Checked RAM seated. Noise coming from middle/rear. No PCI cards fitted.

Is this likely to be PSU?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


  Catastrophe 12:14 18 Feb 2009

Thanks Midgetninja

Fan is turning OK - would that happen with fan bearing. Also it takes some seconds to begin.

I have sprayed air through fan to clean.

  Chris the Ancient 12:35 18 Feb 2009

This happened with my psu fan as well.

If, and only if, you are up to it.

* Switch off and disconnect the mains - leave for 20 minutes minimum so that any capacitors in the psu have a chance to discharge a bit.

* remove the psu and open the cover(s).

* remove the fan and clean it.

* look for a way to take the fan blade off the motor - it may be under a sticky label on the fan blade.


  Chris the Ancient 12:36 18 Feb 2009

* DELICATELY find a way of LIGHTLY applying a small drop of light machine oil to either end of the motor shaft.

* Re-assemble and hope the noise has gone.


  gazzaho 12:54 18 Feb 2009

The only BIOS I can find with a continuous beep is IBM and means, power supply, system board or keyboard problem. Don't know if it could be termed continuous screech though. If your BIOS are IBM might be worth checking. I also remember someone saying once that they had a similar screech when their mobo was shorted to the case by a screw, the results were not good, the mobo was fried.


  Catastrophe 13:31 18 Feb 2009


Having a spare ATX PSU I decided to try it. Put PC on side and removed 3 screws - would not come off and could not find other likely screws. Tried something from searching forum (turning off, unplugging, and holding switch in for 30 seconds) which did not appear to work. Had to go out for half an hour. Returned, switched on and NO PROBLEM - working fine.

It is an IBM and pointing device was unplugged but this came on screen without a warning beep. I will see whether it stays OK before closing.

Many thanks for all who replied.


  oldbeefer2 15:14 18 Feb 2009

Have you seen the family cat since this started?

  cocteau48 15:33 18 Feb 2009

If and when the fan does require maintenance then for future reference some excellent advice here:click here

  laurie53 20:07 18 Feb 2009

"DELICATELY find a way of LIGHTLY applying a small drop of light machine oil to either end of the motor shaft."

This is good advice and the best way of carrying it out is with a feather, a small breast feather not a hulking great quill!

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