Continuous ping all over the place

  lahorie 17:33 28 Oct 2008


I have run a continuous ping as my broadband connection was freezing and found i got repeated request timed out and times of 40ms upto 500ms about 10 jumps apart. Does this seem like a line issue or a router issue? BT have checked the line and have said it is fine.


  octal 19:11 28 Oct 2008

It's possible, it might be a problem on the route it's taking to the site you are looking at rather than your server, have you tried a route trace instead of a ping, that might tell you more.

  octal 19:17 28 Oct 2008

By the way, you shouldn't continuously ping, you should restrict the number of pings to about the or four with the command: ping C:\>ping -n 2 which will give a summary of packets sent and received and packet loss.

  lahorie 15:31 29 Oct 2008

Thanks Octal

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