Continuing trouble with Audio

  loaders 17:00 12 Feb 2005

I am still getting trouble with my audio when I am in contact on Video chat(eyeballchat 2.2)my contact gets my voice ok for a few minutes and then I get cut off,I can hear him ok all the time.He goes off line and comes back again and he can hear me again but after a few minutes I get cut off again.I have carried out checks on my sound recorder and this records ok but then I go back again and its not ok.I have done every check possible on my system re Audio and everything reports ok.I have the latest version of the free Zone Alarm installed could this be the problem although I can't see how this would affect my internal checks?Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  Indigo 1 17:12 12 Feb 2005

Have you tried using the Networking tab in Task Manager to monitor the connection while you talk ?

R/click blank space on taskbar, click Task Manager, click Networking tab, click on the View tab and select 'Update Speed' and select High, then in the veiw menu select 'Network Adapter History' and tick all three (Bytes sent, Bytes recieved, Bytes total). You should see a change when the connection is dropped.

  pc moron 17:52 12 Feb 2005

The problem could be at his end, not yours.

click here and look at No6.

  loaders 14:35 13 Feb 2005

Indigo 1.Thanks for your info. I will have a look at it.I get the feeling that the problem is internal to my pc related as even when I am not on line and I carry out a check on "sound recorder"it records and replays ok one minute and not the next.

  loaders 14:42 13 Feb 2005

pcmoron. Thanks again for your assistance,I have tried your suggestion from the eyeball help and it checked out ok.As I have said to "indigo 1."I seem to get the problem even when I am not on the net.when I carry out a check on Accessories/Entertainment/Sound recorder one minute its ok and then not the next.Ive checked all Audio/Voice properties etc and all check out fine.

  pc moron 15:27 13 Feb 2005

I can't remember where the setting is in Windows ME, but find the Play/Record settings and have a look for hardware acceleration.

If your system is using acceleration, try lowering the setting a notch and test the Play and Record again.

  loaders 19:33 17 Feb 2005

Found the settings and reduced by two notches and its virtually cracked the problem.We can at least hold a reasonable conversation although it still cuts off after a time but if one of us goes off the chat programe and comes back again its ok for a while.Am following up the suggestio in the Eyeball Chat help re opening some UDP and TCP ports.Not sure how this is done any ideas?Really appreciate your help in this matter

  pc moron 15:55 19 Feb 2005

I don't know what to suggest other than moving the slider all the way to the left- this will turn off hardware acceleration for audio.

EyeballChat requires DirectX 8.0, and it seems to me your onboard sound isn't capable of fully supporting hardware acceleration.

  loaders 16:24 19 Feb 2005

Many thanks for your help on this subject.I have confirmed that I have DirectX 8.0 and since moving the hardware acceleration back as you suggested it seem to virtually overcome the problem.I have found however that when I switch the PC back on I find that the tick in the Audio properties under microphone has gone and I have to insert it each time ,which seems to overcome my recording of voice problem.There does not seem to be anyway to enable it,any suggestions??

  pc moron 21:49 19 Feb 2005

The problem seems to be down to your onboard sound and DirectX/Requirements of EyeballChat.

It's a while since I've used Windows Me and I can't remember the settings available- so I don't know why your microphone option is unticked when you reboot- sorry loaders.

  Totally-braindead 22:35 19 Feb 2005

The simplest solution is to buy a new sound card, you can get a cheap one for as little as £5 a decent one for £20, if you do go with this remember to disable the onboard sound from the BIOS as otherwise it may conflict mucking up your sound. As another though before you try that, if you know the make of your motherboard chack and see if there is an updated driver for your sound, the problems you are having may have been solved by an update. If you don't know what motherboard you have download Belarc it should be able to tell you click here

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