Continuing music on website

  rugrotts 15:18 21 Aug 2009

I have a couple of websites that play continuing music but I have had to use frames to do this. Before you say "don't put music on a website because everyone hates it" I know all that, and I do have an on/off consol. The people that these two website attract actually LIKE the music. My problem is that I would dearly love to get rid of the Frames. Surely after all these years, some computer whiz has come up with a better solution. Is there any one out there with any ideas.

  Forum Editor 08:47 22 Aug 2009

that you need to use frames in order to embed music files?

A lot depends on how you want the music to work, but one way is to use a Flash player that allows your visitors to pause and/or rewind the MP3 file.

Make sure that you have copyright permission to play the file on your site.

  rugrotts 04:19 30 Aug 2009

I have tried a player but the music still stops when switching from page to page. I want the music to continue without pause. I am not an expert web designer so there might be a way to use the player that I am unaware of.

  OTT_Buzzard 10:51 30 Aug 2009

There's probably a more elegant solution out there, but you could have a pop-up window that streams the music. That way it doesn't matter if the user changes page on the website.

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