Continuing Image View Problem

  startup 09:12 15 Jul 2003

Somr time ago I asked for advise on this subject but have since put a new hard drive in my computerand newly installed M.e. To my surprise the first thing I noticed when clicking on My Pictures folder was the same message as before, an error loading script on this page has occured. Can anyone advise me, is it likely that my M.e. disc is faulty/corrupted (everything else works perfectly), and if the Image View file is at fault can I download a copy of just one file?
Does anyone have any suggestions please.


  Lone Crow 10:11 15 Jul 2003

It is always possible to have faults on any disk or CD-ROM and I had a corrupted system disk with an IBM computer years ago that caused all kinds of havoc! There are now so many stand-alone image manipulation packages around that I wonder why you are relying on ME's built-in viewer? Try the free download of Photoplus from for instance, or there must be dozens to choose from elsewhere for download or on coverdisks. If any or all work then there has to be a problem with ME or the way it is configured. There may be help available from Microsoft's knowledge base on their website, too. Have you looked in ME's own Help database? It's context sensitive so when you get the error message press F1 and see what help is offered. Good luck. LC.

  Magik ®© 10:22 15 Jul 2003

for what it is worth, my first point of call would be the image viewer, if you put some pics on a floppy disk do they open? if not then try Irfanview "it's free" then click options to open every type of picture............

  Eastender 18:27 15 Jul 2003

I think that Me relies on KODAKIMG.EXE which resides in the Windows folder. If your copy is corrupt send me an email and I'll send you a copy, it's about 500KB but I use IrfanView myself click here

  startup 14:02 16 Jul 2003

Thanks for those suggestions. In the mean time I have been trying to set up a "Home Network" with two computers both runnining the same copy of Me, both have this same problem. When I tried to access the Network Places Folder on both systems I get a similar message to that shown in Image View, ie 'Internet Explorer Script Error' with a message that URL ///nethood.htt is corupt.
The strange thing is that there are no items to view in the Network Folder but in the bar at the bottom of the screen it shows 3 items. I cant see these items no matter what I try to do so I can't access the Network. The two problems are obviously linked!!!
Is there anything I can try please.

  Lone Crow 12:58 19 Jul 2003

If both computers run the same copy of ME and have identical problems then it has to be the install CD I reckon. Is it scratched or dirty? Even a finger mark can sometimes cause a mis-read. Make sure it's clean and undamaged visually and try again. If no go, can you borrow a copy of someone else's OS of any flavour just to try out? If another OS works okay then your hardware is obviously alright (I'm sure it is anyway) and it confirms the ME CD-ROM is corrupted. LC.

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