Continious 'Beeping' from my PC

  User-7B915308-8AD8-4BE0-8420DCEE7E605148 01:01 06 Sep 2009

I was trying to be clever and fit an extra bit of RAM in my PC..Unfortunately i didnt seem to work and when i started the pc up..It has strted to make a continious beeping sound with no breaks..Any ideas ? Im guessing that i messed up something when i try to fit the RAM...
Thanks in advance for any help.

  Jak_1 01:15 06 Sep 2009

Sounds like you may have got the wrong sort of RAM for your motherboard, simply take it out and reboot with the original RAM in situ.

  pa1916 01:28 06 Sep 2009

One beep is ram failure
Your old ram isn't seated correctly.
Or you have have not earthed yourself and
put a static charge across the ram chips.
Also check your graphic card it could be unseated.
You don't say if your computer can boot up if it
is any of the above it won't boot up.

  Technotiger 07:52 06 Sep 2009

pa1916 ... not necessarily, depends which BIOS.

During the un-install process you may be asked if you want to re-start your computer, DO NOT re-start at this point, let Revo continue. You will eventually get the option to Select All and to Delete - DO SO. You will be given the same options a second time, again DO SO, do not be picky, just accept all that Revo chooses.
After clicking on Finish, re-start your computer.

  Technotiger 07:53 06 Sep 2009

Copy & Paste playing sill games with me :-)

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  DieSse 11:39 06 Sep 2009

When you change any hardware inside the system - it's ESSENTIAL that main power is removed first. Either by switching off at the mains, the back of the PSU (if there is a switch) - or better still by taking out the power lead.

This is because all other switch offs are soft switch offs - there is still power on the motherboard. It can blow RAM, plug-in cards, drives if you fail to do so.

Also on older systems, unused RAM sockets can accumulate dirt inside them, which gives contact problems when fitting RAM to them for the first time.

  DieSse 11:40 06 Sep 2009

On a laptop the equivalent is to remove the main battery.

Thanks for your advice guys..
Unfortunately nothing has does not boot up and i have changed the mains plug to see if this may didnt
does it need to go to pc heaven now?

  Technotiger 16:50 06 Sep 2009

Continuous Beep = Power, Power Supply Loose Card or Short, so check these items before giving up, switch off and disconnect before checking all connections.

Sorry to be a real pain.... but how do i check for these? I have no idea!

  Technotiger 19:39 06 Sep 2009

Power/Power Supply - you can only check that all connections are properly in place, that fuse in Mains plug is ok, nothing loose.
Loose Card - could be any of the cards (usually the PCI cards) attached to mobo are properly fitted, not loose or not been disturbed by anyone going in to fit RAM etc. RAM fitted properly.
Short - carefully look for any signs/smells of burning anywhere within the case.

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