Contacting western digital

  ponytail 08:50 24 Aug 2011

Can someone tell me how to contact western digital by phone This is what I have listed in my manual

00800-ASK4WDEU (00800- 27549338 The bottom number has not been allocated yet I used it as a 0800 No. The 00800 number is not recognised

  Graphicool1 09:21 24 Aug 2011

On their website they give this number for UK Technical Support: 00800-ASK4WDEU (00800- 27549338)

Although after delving a bit I also found this number Phone: +44 2033563759 The source...HERE Scroll to tyhe bottom of the page. I think you only need the '44' if you are outside the UK, but try it and see.

To email: CLICK HERE you'll need to 'Log In' and/or register.

Good Luck

  hastelloy 09:24 24 Aug 2011

The number you have is correct - 00800 is international and should work. Failing that you could try email - you have to register - WD email. I have this successfully in the past.

  hastelloy 09:27 24 Aug 2011

Crossposted with Graphicool1 who is right about the '44' though I suspect you need a 0 in its place - ie 02033563759.

  Graphicool1 09:36 24 Aug 2011


Further to my last post I just dialled 00800 27549338 and got through straight away?

  Graphicool1 09:39 24 Aug 2011


Crossposting happens to me all the time, I'm a slow typer. But what else could I be when I only use three fingers!? ¦¬]

  ponytail 09:47 24 Aug 2011

Hi Guys I tried that number again 00800 27549338 and got through to someone eventually he suggested clicking on reset to factory settings which I did and fingers crossed it seems to be working thanks for advice

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