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  questionnaire 02:05 29 Jul 2004

Hi. I plan on vacationing soon. I'll be taking my laptop, since my desktop is too large to take with me, but I'd also like to take my along my media, IE MP3's and MPEG's. I have about 30GB's of both combined and would like to know the best method of storing these files that won't be too inconvenient. I'd like to be able to connect the storage device to my laptop and listen to my media easily. Keep in mind that I can’t transfer all these files to my laptop. Thanks.

  Valvegrid 07:14 29 Jul 2004

It looks like everyone's having a think about this. Can you give us a clue to the total size of the files please, I guess there's probably more that one way of storing them, like an external hard drive comes to mind that connects to the USB port.

  TBH1 09:39 29 Jul 2004

guess the lightest way of doing it is wop em all on a DVD - 30gb will maybe take 7 of them.

if you only have a CD writer, its gonna take a tad more than that.

  jonnytub 09:45 29 Jul 2004

an expensive choice !! click here

  jonnytub 09:46 29 Jul 2004

slightly cheaper here click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:58 29 Jul 2004

You can buy a maxtor 80Gb external HD for around £100


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