Constent Reboot of PC

  dazza39 22:00 03 Sep 2006

Hi my son son's computer will keep on restarting. It will let him get in in safe mode but when it starts up normally it will have a blue screen of death for like 2 seconds then reset, I have tryed a repair of windows but came up with the same thing, self reset.

He has had a Radeon X850pro put in and yestaday he changed his Antialiasing up to x16 instead of x4 and now we cant change it back to see if that was the problem, tryed restore and you cant access the Catalyst control center in safemode can anyone help with this?

  VoG II 22:13 03 Sep 2006

Right-click on My Computer, click Properties, click the Advanced tab. Under Startup & Recovery click Settings. Under System Failure uncheck the box in front of Automatically restart.

What is the error message and code?

  dazza39 07:23 04 Sep 2006


No error message as such,i can't even get into Windows in Safe mode itself,without restarting thats the problem,don't know what else to try,it seems its gone into a loop,even trying a Windows Repair doesn't work.

  STREETWORK 07:34 04 Sep 2006

Try booting from your windows disk. Select Repair at the appropriate point.

If this will allow you to get to the desktop, run your anti-virus.

Then go to click here

Run the Blaster removal tool. Why, just to eliminate that this is the problem.

Post Back if still a problem

  dazza39 08:52 04 Sep 2006


Thats what i did try the Windows Repair ,but it just kept looping back and re-setting itself and not re-installing?.

  dazza39 08:54 04 Sep 2006

Forgot to add,when i re-boot its defaults to windows setup.So now thats in a loop and can't continue,lol.ahhhh.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:41 04 Sep 2006

When you start your computer, the Microsoft Windows XP start up screen appears, and then the computer restarts. The Windows XP logon screen does not appear. This error can occur if the Kernel32.dll file is missing or damaged.

To resolve this issue, use the Windows Recovery Console to extract a new copy of the Kernel32.dll file from the original Windows XP compact disc (CD). To do this, follow these steps:

1. Start the Recovery Console. If you do not have the Recovery Console installed, start it from the Windows XP compact disc (CD). To do this, follow these steps:

a. Insert the Windows XP CD and restart the computer. If prompted, select any options required to boot from the CD.

b. When the text-based part of Setup begins, follow the prompts; choose the repair or recover option by pressing R.

c. If you have a dual-boot or multiple-boot system, choose the installation that you need to access from the recovery console.

d. When prompted, type the Administrator password.

2. At the command prompt, type "cd system32" (without the quotation marks), and then press ENTER.

3. Type "ren kernel32.dll kernel32.old" (without the quotation marks), and then press ENTER.

4. Type "map" (without the quotation marks), and then press ENTER.

5. Note the drive letter assigned to the CD-ROM drive that contains the Windows XP CD. It is displayed in a format similar to the following: D: \Device\CdRom0

6. Type "expand <drive>\i386\kernel32.dl_" (without the quotation marks) (where <drive> is the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive that contains the Windows XP CD), and then press ENTER. For example:

Expand d:\i386\kernel32.dl_ <ENTER>

Note the underscore character after the "L" in Kernel32.dl_

The following message appears: Kernel32.dll, 1 file(s) expanded.

7. Type "exit" (without the quotation marks). The computer restarts.

8. Remove the Windows XP CD and start the computer normally.

  dazza39 10:47 04 Sep 2006

Lol thanks Fruit Bat ,will give it a go and post back.

  mikesuther 12:34 04 Sep 2006

Just be aware that i read that there is a virus that can cause the very same problems that you are experiencing. if you have a computer with a internet conection you may want to check out, but i am sure the only cure is to unfortunatley, completley reboot the system. if your computer came with a instalation cd i think you would be better off reformatting and starting from scratch. this i admit is a pain but at least you know that if there is a virus it has been elliminated. sorry to suggest such drastic action but because you are unable to access your virus software or even go in to a restore point i think this is your safest option. best of luck regards Mike

  dazza39 12:45 04 Sep 2006


I think your right Mike,tried Fruitbats suggestion it didn't work guess i will have to do a complete format and re-install from scratch ,lol,thats gonna please my son ,yeah its pain but no other option I think,will post back if alls okay.

  dazza39 09:02 05 Sep 2006

Ok re-format and re-install went ok so everything is working ok now,thanks guys.

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