Constantly having to reset wireless adapter

  Penny101 17:15 20 Mar 2013

Hi, My laptop keeps losing its wireless connection, and the problem seems to be getting rapidly worse. My job is teaching online via Google Hangout or Skype so a reliable connection is vital. A year ago, this happened once a month maybe, then once a week, a day, now 10 times a day :( I click on the little icon and do "Troubleshoot Problems" and it comes up with "Reset Wireless Adapter ... Fixed" but that lasts only for a few minutes sometimes. There is no problem with the connection to the main wired-up computer. No virus appears in a scan. Laptop details: Novatech nSpire 2350, Windows 7, Atheros AR9002WB-1NG wireless network adaptor. Can you help? Thank you, Penny. PS Hi to Nontek and frybluff who were so helpful last year :)

  Nontek 20:29 20 Mar 2013

Atheros maker ..

Hi Penny,

I suggest that you have a look at this site, you may be able to contact the makers of your adapter, I am sure they would want to help you.

I am glad I was able to help previously, but I know zilch about your particular adapter - and I am afraid I cannot remember what I helped with last time? Old-age is overtaking me!

  Nontek 20:43 20 Mar 2013

Contact by email ...

Click on the email link at the German address ... just scroll down!

  Nontek 20:47 20 Mar 2013

PS - you could Copy/Paste this PCA thread into an email .... I am pretty sure this would be of interest to them.

  onthelimit1 11:37 21 Mar 2013

If push comes to shove, a laptop adaptor can be had for a tenner and take minutes to fit. Alternatively, a USB dongle such as this tiny one would do the job.

  Penny101 18:01 21 Mar 2013

Thank you both for your help. I've sent an email to Atheros, and will let you know what they say...

I suppose I would have to take the laptop apart to fit a new adaptor? (horror!) But the dongle looks like a simple alternative, as a back up.

Nontek - it was you who recommended the Novatech laptop, so you probably have an Atheros adaptor too!

  Nontek 20:04 21 Mar 2013

I do have a very good Novatech laptop, but I do not need an adapter. I only use it at home as a replacement for an old Desktop, but I do have an adapter as suggested by onthelimit1 just in case I go mobile - though this is not very likely as I use a Mobility Scooter! I have BT Infinity.

Don't know why I did not think to mention this adapter to you - old age I guess!

You would not need to take anything apart, the adapter is USB.

  onthelimit1 20:34 21 Mar 2013

If you want to change the mini wireless card, most laptops need no disassembley - the card is behind one of the panels on the base. It's secured by one screw and has one/two mini coax leads attached. The easiest option would probably be the dongle I suggested though.

  Penny101 10:02 23 Mar 2013

Thank you both. Have sent off for the USB adaptor.

All the best, Penny

PS Here's the reply from Atheros: Thank you for your interest in products containing Qualcomm technology. Qualcomm does not offer the WiFi drivers that you're inquiring about to end consumers. Qualcomm sells IC’s to module manufacturers or other OEM’s and under contractual obligations cannot support your request. For issues regarding configuration and usage of your product, as well as for updated drivers, please contact the OEM product manufacturer's technical support department. We suggest you refer to the manufacturer’s website, as they typically offer online technical support pages where software drivers, updates, and other related information can be obtained. Qualcomm Atheros

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