Constantly have to reboot Netgear DG834G

  Mstan 22:06 04 Apr 2006

Problem description
I have a laptop with a wirless connection and a desktop with a wired connection to my router.
Everyday IE will hang and will be unable to connect to any page until eventually I get page cannot be displayed, Mozilla is also effected in the same way, it haoppens both machines at the same time.
The only fix is to reboot the router, once this is done it returns to normal operation.
Actions taken:
I have reinstalled the firmware
I have reimaged the desktop machine
I have repaired the network connections.
Strange thing is that Azeurus runnning in the background on the laptop never seems to be effected even when IE has crashed Azeures still has a good download speeds.
Its like the router resources are used up and it simply crashes.

I would appreciate any help from anyone.

  powerless 10:07 05 Apr 2006

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If it's still in Warranty they'll replace it.

I have the exact same problem on my DG834PN and yes a reboot does sort it but then it's only a matter of time before the cycle repeats.

I've gone through all the stuff their tech support said to do, I actually did all of it before I contacted them...

In the end they said we'll replace I'm just waiting for the stickers to come through!

One thing you don't seem to have done it to reset the router, get a pin and stick it in the hole in the back of the router for about a minute...

Up to you.

  Mstan 16:03 05 Apr 2006

Thanks for the advice, I didn't realise that you could reset it, I'll try that before I send it back, but I'm thinking that I will get a replacement, if it gives these kind of problems at such an early stage it does not bare well.
Thanks again for your input

  Mstan 22:03 24 Apr 2006

In case anyone else has had this problem and has solved it please post the resolution.

I got a replacement router hoping that it was a hardware fault unfortunatly the problem is still here.

problem description:
after ~2hrs http traffic grinds to a hault, web pages will not load and eventually kick up page cannot be displayed.

pings to = request timed out
pings to = request timed out
pings to = replay from.. possibly ftp??

The azeurus bit torrent client is not effected at all by the problems !

only resolution is to reboot the router.

1)I've manually set the mtu size to correct size
2) manually set dns
3)reinstalled firmware
4)reset router

I called netgear but they just suggested to do what I had already done, not really that helpful, I still have a email case open hoping that there is 2nd or 3rd line.

It seems unlikely that 2 sets of netgear equipment should have the exact same problem, although in saying that the router was fine for the first 2 days!! maybe just coincidence.

I still think that maybe I have to confgure something on the router .

Any ideas anyone ??

  Mstan 23:07 25 Apr 2006

For anyone that has the same problem.

I read in other forums that the firmware 3.01.25 caused many problems similar to mine, there was a new version released 3.01.29 put it was taken back off the netgear website for some reason.

Anyway I decided to downgrade the firmware and its been running perfectly for 24hrs, the longest yet..

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