Constant Signal Dropouts

  modelman 01:08 13 Feb 2006

After suffering intermittent signal dropouts on a Buffalo DSL/Cable router WYR-G54 (please see below link for detailed fault)

click here

I have come to the conclusion that it is the router itself causing the problem.
During periods of low or static use the router appears to be dropping an IP which loses the connection until windows reconnects.(very annoying on MSN)
It's particularly bad when mixing and matching different makes of USB adapter.
The problem is well documented on other Forums and Buffalo tell me they can only warrant trouble free running with their paired equipment. This is no good for me as I don't want to throw away my 54mbs Netgear and Safecom USB adapters.

Since I only need a DSL/CABLE router as I already have an NTL modem my question simple is:

Is there a router out there that functions well with other makes of equipment without dropping connections? Belkin, Netgear, D-link, and Linksys I’m not bothered I just want something reliable.
Any suggestions welcomed.


  mgmcc 08:18 13 Feb 2006

I thought we had more or less concluded that the issue was the implementation of WPA encryption in conjunction with hardware from different manufacturers. As I said in the other thread, I have come across this same issue with WPA encryption several times before and the routers involved were NOT "Buffalo". Therefore, if you MUST use WPA encryption, whichever router you decide to use, it will have to be used with Wireless Network Adapters from the same manufacturer, otherwise you will be back where you are now.

  modelman 10:09 13 Feb 2006

I also thought I had fixed the problem when switching the encryption to 128 bit WEP. On further investigation this was not the case. Reduced traffic or static use with internet or file sharing still dropped the link.
So as you rightly said I will have use Buffalo only equipment or replace the system.

As reliably is the issue here I was looking to return the units and go for another make of router. This was the reason for my above question of which router might be suitable for mixing and matching with my existing adapters. (WEP or WPA not bothered now)

With no further Firmware support planned for this router this has also influenced my decision.

Thanks again mgmcc...

  mgmcc 11:16 13 Feb 2006

Before going down the route of buying different hardware, there are other possible reasons for dropped connections. There could be other wireless devices interfering with your wireless connection, the most common being cordless phones and mobile phones, but other devices including microwave ovens can also interfere.

The problem can be that the interference causes the adapter to lose its IP address, the router is unaware that this has happened and it isn't renewed. Using a fixed IP address can often overcome this issue.

Conflicts with neighbouring WiFi networks might also cause dropped connections - try changing the Channel number so that you operate in a different frequency.

  modelman 11:34 13 Feb 2006

I'm 99% certain of no outside interference. The only thing I have not explored is fixing the IP. I will give this a go before condeming this router. I'm not quite shaw on how to do this but will do some reaseach out before trying.
The issues i have read using this device stated that it was the router dropping the IP and not the adapter.

Thanks again.

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