Constant Reboot after installing new RAM

  AuntyKerry 14:01 19 Dec 2010

Hi, have just added 2 x 2gb RAM and now PC will constantly reboot after reaching the Windows XP screen. The mouse is also dead. I have tried to run a repair from the original XP disk but it won't do anything but reboot. Have swapped the memory round but that didn't help either. Would be very very grateful for some help.

  johndrew 14:07 19 Dec 2010

Did you ensure your motherboard will support 4GB of RAM?

Are you aware of the limitations of RAM with XP? click here

Have you tried removing it and seeing if the PC boots correctly?

  Terry Brown 14:10 19 Dec 2010

It could be that the new memory is not compatable with the original memeory.

Remove the original memory and retry.

Are you sure the memory is fully seated (Both white catched fully down)

  AuntyKerry 14:16 19 Dec 2010

Hi, I am unable to do anything as it constantly reboots. How would I check the motherboard if the keyboard is only working periodically and the mouse appears to be dead for the moment also? I ran the scanner tool before I purchased the new memory and it advised 4gb would be suitable. I haven't got the old memory installed as I think I damaged it taking it in and out previously. I ran a single 2gb card and it worked fine then got a pair of 2x2gb yesterday and it hasn't worked properly since. I appreciate your help, thank you.

  pa1916 14:39 19 Dec 2010

The way your computer is behaving sounds like you have installed the wrong RAM WXP can't see 4GB infact i thought you would have tobe running a 64BIT OSP to see 4GB if i'm wrong someone will correct me.
You should buy the Type of RAM that came with your computer or you will find it an exspensive
cock up.

  gengiscant 14:43 19 Dec 2010

Try with just one stick,also can you post your motherboard model and the RAM you have just bought.
But I think that you may have a compatibility issue.

  bremner 14:49 19 Dec 2010

You can have 4GB of RAM with XP but it will not see more than about 3.25GB

  AuntyKerry 15:12 19 Dec 2010

Hi, I have no idea what the spec of the motherboard is I'm afraid - how would I find this out? It was 2 x 2gb DDR2 PC2-5300 CL5 - if I remove one and leave on in and reboot, I just get the long beep sound and nothing else happens. I did have a single 2gb which seemed to work fine but I was advised to buy a pair to increase what I had originally which was 1gb. Thank you all very much again for your time and advice.

  bremner 15:14 19 Dec 2010

click here and input the details of your machine. It will tell you how much RAM you can have

  AuntyKerry 15:19 19 Dec 2010

It was the crucial tool that I used which advised how much memory I could have. When I put them in at first it booted up fine and got to my desktop then the icons flashed up briefly and it started reboot after reboot. I tried to run an XP repair from the original disk but it didn't resolve the problem and said there was a corrupted file - if I do a re-install, will I lose everything? Thanks again.

  gengiscant 15:50 19 Dec 2010

Do not reinstall XP,it is a Ram problem not an XP problem.But yes if you have not backed everything up and you reinstall, you will lose everything.

If you open your PC case you might well see the name and model number of your mobo.

If you are having a compatibility issue and bought from Crucial,they will help resolve your problem.

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