Constant pop up window - enter network password!

  gloslady 00:05 05 Nov 2009

I have read so many posts on this subject on various forums - but hoping someone knows of a quick and easy fix for the window that is constantly popping up in Outlook Express when sending/receiving mail. It asks for the network password, even though the password is in the box and ticked. It happens almost everytime - have tried some of the fixes I have read about, but still having the same problem. It doesn't prevent me getting my emails in, but is very irritating! Thanks in advance!

  gloslady 00:08 05 Nov 2009

Just thought I should clarify - the password is there, but when I tick the box it doesn't stay.

  FatboySlim71 08:57 05 Nov 2009

I think this can happen sometimes happen if the email server is having problems, such as maintenance, or temporarily unavailable.

I had this problem a while back with Office Outlook, the cause on my computer was that I had my iPhone and my PC on, both were set to check for new email at certain intervals, and basically my email account was temporarily getting locked out cause it was getting checked from another location, i.e. my iPhone. I just thought I would mention this in case you do something similar.

The only thing I could suggest would be to write down all the details, such as username, password, outgoing server, incoming server and also any other advanced options in case you had needed to alter any of the port numbers for servers which sometimes you need to do which are in the advanced section.

After you have took note of the above, delete all the troublesome email accounts, restart your PC and then enter all the details again. Once you have done this check that your email accounts can send and receive email. If this solves your problem then it could have just been a corrupt settings file or similar.

  gloslady 09:27 05 Nov 2009

Thanks for that - bit loathe to change settings! Makes me go a bit hot and bothered - it does seem to be a common problem, looking on the internet. Hopefully there is a simple fix, if not I'll just have to put up with it! I don't have an iphone - there is another desktop in the house - not sure if this could be part of the problem - thanks again -

  FatboySlim71 09:58 05 Nov 2009

I don't think the other PC in your house could be the problem, but I could be wrong, it would be worth seeing if the pop up appears when the other PC is on though.

Its nothing to worry about changing/deleting the email settings. Has long as you write down all the settings I mentioned earlier then you should be OK. If you do have problems setting/entering the details again, then you could just post a question on this forum and someone would help you get it sorted out : )

  legalrep 10:14 05 Nov 2009

I have this problem with outlook in Office 2007 I've tried numerous fixes non of which have solved the problem I've even set up account again but that has not helped either so like me gloslady you may have to put up with it I'm afraid! Sorry

  gloslady 17:51 05 Nov 2009

Thanks for all the help - when I am feeling brave I might try some of the advice! In the meantime BT broadband service is on the blink anyhow ! Thanks again -

  zklampkin 07:46 06 Nov 2009
  gloslady 16:13 06 Nov 2009

zklampkin - that sounds easy enough to try without causing any mayhem - I will give that a go - thanks -

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