Constant pc errors and restarts

  ptrafc 11:15 21 Feb 2004

My PC is only 3 days old, but error messages appear and it restarts frequently. These happen mostly when playing high-end games or watching streams vids from the net. Messages I've had include 'Exception in Eff3D_New' and 'Microsoft Management Console has come across a problem' (or words to that effect). It can't be overheating coz it happens after just 5 mins, and I've downloaded the Windows updates to no effect. I've reported the errors via the web, and the content it was sending included .tmp, .xml, and .txt files (not all at once).
I've e-mailed the company I bought it from, but I've got no reply yet, so if anyone can help, I'll be very greatful.

  Gongoozler 11:48 21 Feb 2004

ptrafc, I don't recognise the error message, but I suspect that it is graphics driver related. You can look on the graphics card makers web site to see if there is an update, but with such a new computer this is really the responsibility of the supplier.

  JIM 12:37 21 Feb 2004

with being only three days old, your best bet may be to uninstall any games software you installed via the add/remove programs first.

If no improvement takes place to your PC do a sytems restore the date when you received system.(You may have to go back to windows update again)

If you do not know how to do that,post back and someone will run through the proccedure with you.

  ptrafc 12:12 22 Feb 2004

I was thinking that it could be something to do with my graphics card. I have an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, and I've just remembered that when I first booted up the PC and filled it all the registration stuff for the PC, the first thing that popped up before the desktop appeared was an error message containing something to do with the graphics, and that it was going to disable it, but I just clicked on 'ok' (there was no other option). I can play Champ Manager 4 fine, but the 3D games last 10mins at the most. I've just downloaded the catalyst from the ATI site, but I've not installed it yet since I don't know what sort of effect it'll have, and I don't want to make things worse.
Thanks for any response and help.

  User-312386 12:15 22 Feb 2004

make sure onboard graphics is disabled in the BIOS

  Paranoid Android 12:34 22 Feb 2004

Go ahead and load the updated Catalyst drivers, this won't do any harm. But apart from that I suggest you leave it to the vendor to fix the problem, especially if you have had problems since first switching on. Your symptoms could possibly indicate a problem with your RAM.

However this may be relevant : Q253798 - Windows Media Player May Stop Responding or Generate an Error Message When Streaming Media click here


  ptrafc 14:20 22 Feb 2004

I've updated the drivers and everything seemed ok a first, but it still restarted itself when I watched a video from the net, after about 10secs. Some other things I've just found out which could be causing a problem are: Primary (AGP) and Secondary (PGI) 9800 Pro graphics drivers, is this normal? Just looked at my settings before startup and found:
CPU fan speed: 4900 (average)
Chassis fan speed: 0
Power fan speed: 0
Q fan control disabled.
MB Temp 21°C, CPU Temp 39°C
Are these ok?? I thought all fans should be going.

  Paranoid Android 14:37 22 Feb 2004

Temps are OK. Case fans do not always have sensor wires.


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