Constant local network traffic

  puddin 15:58 08 Dec 2007

In a previous thread, i had a useful dialogue with ambra4 regarding a Linksys WAG54G gateway, which eventually was replaced by Linksys with a WAG325N gateway last week.

I have now installed this gateway in my home network (which includes: PC - WinXP-Pro; PC - Vista Home Premium; Buffalo NAS; D-Link Dp-301P+ printer server. I also have a Vista HP laptop, which connects via wireless.

My system tray shows two netwok icons: one for the local network, and one for the internet. My concern is that the LOCAL icon is showing constant traffic. I also have ZoneAlarm basic firewall installed, which shows this traffic as well.

There is no traffic (to speak of) between my home network and the internet - as indicated by the second systray icon.

While I can disable the local network via the systray icon, I cannot disable the internet connection via its systray icon.

I am concerned that there is some sort of trojan waorking away on my local network.

Any light anyone can shed on these issues would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 17:56 08 Dec 2007

As you have Zone Alarm, delete *ALL* programs in it. Each program will then have to request permission again to access either the Local Area Network or the Internet, so that you will know what is transferring data across the LAN.

  puddin 23:39 09 Dec 2007

OK. Did that. Immediately had a 2 requests from "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services" to access the trusted zone.

I denied both and traffic has stopped with no apparent affect on the functioning of my PC.

Now, on the internet systray icon, the lower screen image is lit, but not the upper screen icon.

  Kemistri 23:50 09 Dec 2007

The lower/left screen indicates outbound traffic.

  puddin 00:04 10 Dec 2007

Kemistri - I did know that. I was curious about the fact that the signal was lit although Zonealarm showed no traffic from my computer.

Also, since last post, I re-booted and have now lost the internet systray icon.


  Kemistri 00:13 10 Dec 2007

That sounds like some kind of problem with the Connections Tray, and if you Google for that, you will get plenty of hits.

  ambra4 11:58 10 Dec 2007


Go-Start- Setting-Network Connection-Right click on Local Area Connection-Properties and see if “ Show Icon In Notification when Connected” Is selected

If selected, unselect reboot and reselect see if that work and Icon appear on task bar

  puddin 16:30 10 Dec 2007

Don't know what you are meaning by this. Googled the term and it appears to refer to dial-up connections. I have, as mentioned in the OP, a gateway-router with an always-on internet connection.

  puddin 16:34 10 Dec 2007

I have a WinXP(pro) machine. Thre is no Start>Setting entry. Where will I find this?

I'm not as bothered about the missing systray icon as why there is constant local traffic.

Paid closer attention to Zonealarm's alert message. SVCHOST.exe is trying to access the local network to send or receive traffic. The IP address for incoming traffic is that of my D-Link printer server. I will try to un-install it later and see if that fixes the problem...

  Kemistri 17:05 10 Dec 2007

The CT is an excutable that runs all network connections in the notification area. If your print server wants to talk to the PC, let it - won't do any harm. Iterations of the service host executable are a little more open to trouble - mostly OK, but can also be utilised by malware. If you're very doubtful about it, block it for a while (few days, maybe) and see if any legitimate Windows functions fail to work. You might find, for example, that network shares or searches could be affected.

  puddin 11:28 21 Dec 2007

Blocked "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services" from accessing/receiving from both local network and internet. Stopped Thunderbird/Firefox working, so next time the request was made, allowed it. Seems to be OK, although there are these persistent requests, which never used to appear.

Have tried running Spybot and AdAware with no effect.

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