Constant light on Motherboard

  birdface 11:36 30 Nov 2007

Anybody tell me if there is supposed to be a light constanly light on grandaughters Motherboard.I took the sides of to give it a good clean and noticed the little light on.She was having trouble with it cutting off and running slow.So cleared the air vents and cleaned up inside and noticed the light being on.As a rule I never go into computers,so have no idea if it is supposed to be on or not.She had problems with her computer about 2 years ago and had to get it reformated and I have just notices instead ofher 80Gb hard drive,The one she has is only 35Gb so it was done by a friend of a friend and for some reason must have changed it,so it has probably been getting a bit overworked.

  MAJ 11:41 30 Nov 2007

Yes some motherboards do have a little green light that stays on when the power is on. It looks like the whole size of the hard drive isn't being recognised. Which operating system, etc.?

  birdface 11:47 30 Nov 2007

XP Home Edition.Its a little yellow light and up near ATU and end of memory.I am using it at the moment.I was just about to put the case back on and it cut out on me.Thought it might be a driver problem but device Manager is clear.

  crosstrainer 11:48 30 Nov 2007

The Light on the motherboard is normal. As MAJ says. However, your hdd space could be misreported for several reasons. When the machine is booted, open "My Computer" How many drives do you see...? It could be that the drive is partitoned in 2.

  johnnyrocker 11:50 30 Nov 2007

did this occur as you touched the pc cabinet? if so i would suggest you check all cables/connections.


  birdface 11:56 30 Nov 2007

A C and d drives C Drive says 35.3Gb.Foppy and dvd/rw both say 0.

  birdface 12:00 30 Nov 2007

Hi.Possabilaties there ,As I do not have sound and other things connected.But will put my own machine on a bit later and see if where the light is,maybe get serial number or something that helps.

  birdface 12:10 30 Nov 2007

I think it has 250 Mb of memory and if I can remember right it should have 512Mb.It says AMD Athlonx1800 .1.54GHz. 224 Mb Ram. If that helps. But I have to go Niece moving houses and needs help. Sorry for the inconveniance .But I dont know how long it will take.

  crosstrainer 12:23 30 Nov 2007

It seems that two things could be at fault here, but the mobo light is fine.

If you open control panel> administrative tools> computer management>storage>disk management and see what partitons are reported.

  birdface 17:03 30 Nov 2007

Ist.There are two Mobo lights I can see now that it is darger,A green one near theethernet cable and a yellow or orange one near the CPU .now followed your instructions.Under Disc management at the top we have,GP80G-4 partition basic Fat 32 Healthy system. 36.35.Gb,Free space 19.25Gb,54% free.Overhead 0%,, On the bottom box we have,Disc 0 Basic 35.37 Gb on line.fat 32 Healthy system. And under that,You have CD Rom 0.DVD 0.

  birdface 17:15 30 Nov 2007

Sorry accross from Bottom box.Disc0 In that box it says, GF80G-4{c} 35.37GbFat 32 healthy System.

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