Constant Internet Failure

  Molly_Don 10:43 07 Feb 2009

My desktop is constantly losing internet connection.

On the little monitor by the clock, I have to constantly right click on repair.

As you can see from this image it says I have no wireless connection, yet I'm on the internet you can see the PC forum behind.

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

I have an Acer SA80, NETGEAR wireless router 54mbps and BEKLIN wireless doddle.

This has been going on for about 6 months, I've just replaced the router / doddle with the above, yet still get the problem.

Any idea's please?

Oh yeh, I'm not very techie minded, so please be patient with any advice


  tullie 10:50 07 Feb 2009

If you dond mind me asking,whats a wireless doddle,do you mean dongle?Sorry for asking.

  tullie 10:51 07 Feb 2009

Also,if youve got a wireless router,why are you using a dongle and does it work ok wired?

  Molly_Don 10:58 07 Feb 2009

hi tullie

see how ueless I am at computers, yes it's a dongle.

I've never tried it without the dongle, I used to have a Lynksys wired and belkin wireless router.

When this problem started I was told by "The Tech Guys" to dispose of it and buy a netgear wireless router and wireless dongle.

It's not resolved the problem, I've been through to the tech guys many times, and although they access my desktop remotely and repair it, as soon as they've disconnected the session, the problem starts again.

  Molly_Don 10:56 08 Feb 2009


  steve0 11:18 08 Feb 2009

Take out the dongle and connect via the yellow lan cable. No need to use the wireless dongle.

  birdface 12:11 08 Feb 2009

Will need to use the wireless dongle if it is an oldish computer with no wireless connection.Is Router and Computer in different rooms and who is your ISP is it Virgin.Maybe drivers needing updated but I know not a lot about Routers.

  Sea Urchin 12:33 08 Feb 2009

Looking at your image in your original posting have you made sure that your Wireless Zero Configuration is running? Go to Start/Run/type in services.msc and click OK. Scroll down to the Wireless Zero Configuration entry and check that it is running. It should say "Started" and then "Automatic". If not then right-click on it and select Properties - under Service Status click Start and also make Start Up Type Automatic. Click Apply and OK.

  Molly_Don 15:47 08 Feb 2009

Hi buteman

I have the router in 1 room, and the desktop in another and my ISP is Virgin

Hi Sea Urchin

I've now selected "Started & Automatic" as they were not selected.

I've rebooted and still having the problem, I've lost the internet conection.

It only ever happens on the desktop which has XP, I never have a problem of the laptop which has Vista.

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