Constant Internet drop out

  Marlowkites 10:19 21 Dec 2007

I am with Waitrose BB and my line is constantly dropping ouy. I have intermittant DSL light and no internet light.
I have had the line tested and tested microfilters. ALl appear to be OK. I have reset the router, take all other devices off the system & while this eliviates the problem short term it drops out again within the hour.
Any one got any ideas where to go next?

  ton 11:12 21 Dec 2007

I had a similar problem that was cured with another router, I haven't had one drop out since changing it.

  Graham. 11:14 21 Dec 2007

Common causes of Broadband disconnections:

The USB modem may not be getting sufficient power, or the power is being reduced by another device on the same Hub. View this Microsoft article click here

The computer may be configured to turn off the modem to save power. In Device Manager, find the modem. It may be under Network Adapters. Select Action, Properties, Power Management. Do a similar check on any Routers you are using .
Phone extension cabling may be prone to induced interference from mains wiring. If necessary, run a temporary extension lead to rule this out.

Radio interference from cordless, including DECT, telephones. Turn them all off and disconnect, to check this one.

Radio interference from taxis, CBs, neon lights, streetlights, etc. If one of these is suspected, BT can fit a suppressor to the incoming line.

There may be a clue in Event Viewer. Start > right click My Computer > Manage > Event Viewer > System > Select an Event > Action > Properties. You can send the data to Microsoft for more detailed information.

  Dipso 15:23 21 Dec 2007

What model router do you have?

  Marlowkites 15:28 21 Dec 2007

Voyager 210

  Dipso 15:36 21 Dec 2007

Are you using USB or ethernet to connect?

Can you access your line statistics by using one of the following methods click here Post back with them if you can.

  Marlowkites 15:41 21 Dec 2007

ethernet. Will get line stats later. Thank you.

  Marlowkites 11:50 28 Dec 2007

Problem is arising with router overheating. Work fine after being switched off for a while.

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