Constant Hard Disk Access

  pc moron 15:05 22 Aug 2004

I've noticed that the hard disk is being accessed every few seconds continuously, even if no apps are running.

If I go to Task Manager> Processes> View> Select Columns and turn on I/O Read Bytes and I/O Write Bytes, the culprit seems to be csrss.exe- a Windows system file.

It's reading from the HD every few seconds, but the data transferred is only a few tens of bytes each time- it never writes to the HD.

No scheduled tasks are set, the indexing service is disabled and scans with Ad-aware, Spybot and Norton AV reveal nothing.

I've tried a Google, but found nothing positive.


Win XP Pro SP2
80GB HD (plenty of space left)
512 MB RAM

  stalion 15:08 22 Aug 2004

have a read click here

  stalion 15:13 22 Aug 2004

have you got service pack sp1 installed if so this is not supposed to happen

  pc moron 15:23 22 Aug 2004

I only noticed the disk access yesterday, but thinking about it, this only atarted happening after I installed Service Pack 2!

This never happened with SP1.

  stalion 15:26 22 Aug 2004

that is what it says in the link it can not happen if you have sp1.So I do not know your best course of action other than un-installing sp2 as there is no way to rectify this without a patch from microsoft as explained on the link

  stalion 15:28 22 Aug 2004

make sure you bump this post to keep at the top this is a bad glich regarding sp2

  VoG II 15:34 22 Aug 2004

I have SP2. csrss.exe is Read accessing but not much (not enough to be called "constant hard drive activity").

  stalion 15:36 22 Aug 2004

have you read the link microsoft did not rectify this ever. regards

  pc moron 15:50 22 Aug 2004

Yep VoG™, it isn't constant in that the HD light is on all the time- it flashes on and off every second or so- is this what you get?

  VoG II 15:57 22 Aug 2004

Mine is flashing about once a second. But when I looked in Task Manager, csrss.exe was only reading the disk maybe every 20-30 seconds, if that. I haven't tried with all programs closed down.

stalion - yes I did read the link, thanks. Not the first time that MS have not rectified a bug :o(

  stalion 16:03 22 Aug 2004

seeing as the F.E.has been linked with this for months perhaps he can assist with reporting this to microsoft as it may be that a lot of members that now have sp2 may have this problem,we need more feedback.Regards

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