Constant crashes in Windows - a new chapter!

  cactusjack 20:58 06 Jul 2008


I have posted before, but now there is a new chapter in my problems with my one month old Novatech PC.

My latest thread on the Novatech forum is here:
click here

To summarise:

- A few weeks ago, I had problems with my Windows XP PC crashing. Could alt tab through programs, but not access any of them. Thought it was the temperatures - but they were ok.
(see click here)

- On average, I would get one crash per day. Then tonight, it crashed again. I restarted, and as soon as I click on anything, it crashes again. I restart, and get another crash, and so on...

- I got fed up, and decided to go through a windows reinstall. I put the XP disk in the drive and started following the steps, and it said it could not recognise the hard drives (my PC came set up with two hard drives set up with Raid to look like 1 hard drive). So I could not go ahead with the reinstall of windows.

- So I restarted the machine - windows loaded, and a message came up saying windows had recovered from a serious error. Here is the error code:

BCCode : 100000ea BCP1 : 897E0020 BCP2 : 898E9100 BCP3 : BACEBCBC
BCP4 : 00000001 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 3_0 Product : 768_1

Now I can open browsers as usual and open files!! - no crashes yet!

So may be Windows fixed itself. However, does anyone know what the above error is referring to?

And if I want to reinstall Windows, how can I get by this issue of not having any hard drives recognised? When loading the PC, it says that the raid array is recognised and it is healthy...

  ronalddonald 21:03 06 Jul 2008

under warrenty get novatech to sort it. that

Other than that you could do a fresh intall of windows or it could a conflict between drivers and hardware.

I had similar thing withmy novatech laptop by not installing the drivers first.

also download super antispyare and run a weekly scan.
thats the most i can help you with im sure othre will no what the actual errors mean

  cactusjack 21:06 06 Jul 2008

Yes, it is under warranty. I have e-mailed Novatech. I would rather do a windows reinstall here at home, rather than shipping it back to Novatech.

The other issue is the raid array - if windows xp says it can't detect hard drives when trying a reinstall, does that mean my hard drives have a problem? or is it just raid setup playing up?

  cactusjack 21:17 06 Jul 2008

I have found an updated Nvidia driver for my 8800GT card using nnvidia's automated driver detection tool.

169.21 to 175.16

For some reason, could not locate this before. May be this will help

  cactusjack 12:39 07 Jul 2008

I have just talked to Danno via online chat at Novatech - very helpful. He gave me a returns number. However I suggested that I try and reinstall windows first. Last night I made a floppy disk with the raid drivers, however he said even if I get rid of raid, i will still need the floppy disk with the drivers when reinstalling windows. When I get home tonight, I will try and reinstall windows.

Please can someone confirm the order of steps I need to take to reinstall windows if I don't want the raid array):

1) Go to F10 raid setup and delete raid array. restart PC
2) Put Win XP CD in and floppy in.
3) Tap F6
4) Format drives as per the normal reinstallation process.

With the order of steps above, do I delete the array first before putting the CD and floppy disk in for the reinstallatin process? Also, if the array is deleted, why do I need the raid driver floppy disk even though the array is deleted?

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