Conspiracy Theory - What do free AVs & firewalls

  wee eddie 16:47 16 Nov 2003

get out of it?

It must be quite costly to constantly update ones definitions.

  DieSse 17:03 16 Nov 2003

They all use them as a "come-on" to buy their better and more complete versions - and/or they try and get you used to using them, then drop the free version.

It's just a time-honoured old "loss-leader".

  pj123 17:23 16 Nov 2003

DieSse, not entirely true, but mostly. They also have lots of Ads on their site as well. I have written a few programmes that I have given away, none of which are current now though, except for a UK Lottery Checker, which if anyone wants I will email it. Also you don't get any support from the publisher if anything goes wrong if you are using the FREE version. Although, having said that, I have had lots of support from JetAudio even though I am using their free version

  Stuartli 17:26 16 Nov 2003

Never look a gift horse in the mouth...:-)

  powerless 17:33 16 Nov 2003

Why not email them and ask them?

  Jester2K II 18:03 16 Nov 2003

Part of it could be benefiting the community (as it where) If they didn't offer free AV / firewalls then many people wouldn't bother and the situation would be a lot worse... make it free to home users and make corporates pay.

  HOT BOT 18:19 16 Nov 2003

Its free- does the job of a paid one or even more! So they get satisfaction out of it! :-)

  porci 18:34 16 Nov 2003

They use it for testing purposes before going live

  wee eddie 18:37 16 Nov 2003

Wouldn't it be a simple way of mounting an electronic outrage.

Should one have the desire to do so!

  rev.bem 18:59 16 Nov 2003

You'ii be telling us next that the USA are using Area 51 to store alien technology and retro build flying saucers.


  Djohn 19:01 16 Nov 2003

They are, arn't they? :o(

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