Console Emulators- legal? how they work?

  Mysticnas 15:54 25 Aug 2004

Hi all,

how you doing? hope everyone's had a nice summer.

The thing is that there are a lot of games out there that are console exclusive.

I got a pretty ok PC and an Xbox which was given to me as payment of sorts...

Anyway, i keep hearing that people use umulators and play games on the PC's, like Playstation (1&2) emulators and just buy Playstation games to play on them. Is there anyone who has done this ever?

I've tried a few emulators that i've bought from comp fairs but i just can't get them to work, i went out and bought some games and now just can't play them.

  xania 16:08 25 Aug 2004

I've got a pretty good Spectrum emulator - came with loads of games to play as well. Good for us old-timers but for, before your time. Ah well!

Legal - don't know about Xbox but with Spectrum, I suppose I should find out.

  Mysticnas 16:15 25 Aug 2004

spectrum, not before my time... lol..

i used to play on them... BBC Micro? i loved that computer!!!

  hugh-265156 16:33 25 Aug 2004

i may be wrong but as far as i know most console emulators are not themselves illegal to use but the Roms (games) will be illegal for you to use if you do not already have the original purchased game in your position.

emulators for old consoles and the spectrum or atari 2600 etc should run fine even on a low end pc but those for new consoles may not work very well. play these as they were intended on the xbox or ps2 would be my advice.

  Mysticnas 16:52 25 Aug 2004

not to worry, i believe i have a more than capable system.

I also have the original games too which i purchased. You see i used to borrow a mates console and got hooked on this one game that i took out from blockbusters, and just went out and bought it.

now i have a game and no console. :o(

  xania 17:06 25 Aug 2004


I meant to say

"but for some, perhaps, before your time"

and for the rest of us

ah!! happy times - no Windows, no viruses, no Spam. Happy times.

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