Consistent disconnects from modem

  Sentfrom 21:50 24 Jan 2004

Can anyone offer a reason why my new modem constantly drops my connection? I always must re-dial and (sometimes) the problem is solved. I was told to go to the Connections tab in IE and select "always dial my default." My selection, is not always permanent. Please advise; losing my connection is a tremedous pain.

  mgmcc 23:13 24 Jan 2004

* which version of Windows and do you have the latest modem drivers for that version?

* what type of modem?
- intermal
- external - serial / USB / ADSL / cable

* when is the connection dropped?
- during an "idle" period or when active

<<<I was told to go to the Connections tab in IE and select "always dial my default.">>>

If using dialup, try changing that to "Dial whenever a network connection is not present" or, alternatively, connect/disconnect manually and set it to "Never dial a connection".

  keverne 23:22 24 Jan 2004

..has asked all the questions I was going to ask but when you said 'my new modem' does this mean you had a stable connection using a previous modem?

  Sentfrom 01:47 25 Jan 2004

You guys and gals are great, but my problem is more complicated. I have an internal modem with XP Pro. the modem is new and I always get disconnected when I am on line.
The Previous modem had no such problems. My phone line has been checked without result of any complications. While I am on the subject, I cannot connect with my Linux Mandrake wizard on line. Why? Is there software I have not yet installed? The manual makes no such reference. Thank you for all you help.

  Chegs ® 02:36 25 Jan 2004

Linux wont work with socalled Winmodems,its a "software" (meaning it has a modem emulater program)which runs in windows but not Linux.It is probably disconnecting due to there being insufficient data running thru it to keep it "alive" and depending on what your ISP deems it isn't(slow surfing by the operator)or a fault somewhere causing the "keep alive" signals to be lost/corrupt.

  mgmcc 08:41 25 Jan 2004

<<<I always get disconnected when I am on line. The Previous modem had no such problems>>>

Yes, but you still haven't said if this is while "idle" or while actively transferring data.

To set the "Idle time before hanging up", go the Network Connections folder, right click the Dial Up Networking entry and select "Properties". In the Options tab, set the time to an appropriate value.

If that isn't the issue, you could try using Software rather than Hardware flow control. Again, right click the DUN entry and in the General tab, select the modem (if there is more than one entry), click the button to 'Configure' the modem and, in the next dialog box, uncheck "Use hardware flow control".

  mgmcc 08:50 25 Jan 2004

I should have mentioned, I think "Chegs ®" has given you the answer as far as Linux is concerned. Some 'software' modems will only work with Windows - you probably require a proper 'hardware' modem for Linux.

My PCs have internal modems, but I never use them. I mainly use an external US Robotics modem, which is a proper hardware device.

  Stuartli 09:09 25 Jan 2004

One other point that is often missed is the Hang Up When Finished box on OE's Send/Receive panel - if this is checked the connection will be closed down once mail has been collected.

If you have a lot of mail to collect, then it will take longer for the connection to cease.

  TBH1 22:47 25 Jan 2004

one more thing which probably won't help - - - - did you change your 'old modem' because of this problem ?? If not, and it appeared to be working , why did you change it ?? Could you change it back ??

  woodchip 22:52 25 Jan 2004

Set your Outlook Express to check for mail on a regular basis that will keep the line open. and have it running in the background

  Ir0nman 23:06 25 Jan 2004

I had a similar problem, had the line checked, gain increased and it was just as bad. I was told my internal and external modems were "software" modems, got a "hardware" modem and my problem was solved.Hope this helps.

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