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  grumpy-git 09:58 19 Sep 2009

There are obviously many hosts out there, probably most are fine, but I've noticed several people on here use Heart. Other hosts don't seem to get so many mentions.

I think I saw somewhere that Heart database servers were slow, as my photo galleries use MySQL that would be a problem. Are they really slow, or could it have been a one off. I've had same experience with 1&1.

At the moment all my databases are on MySQL 4 & I was wondering if there are likely to be problems with using MySQL 5 as Heart does?

Thought I would try free hosting with Heart last night, to get the feel of their control panel etc. but it seems you cannot get free hosting unless you have the domain name with them or ready to transfer in. In my case, the domain name still needs to be with 1&1 as it will take a while to transfer data across. So looks like I will have to try Home Pro, as that is the cheaper one with MySQL.

Finally, e-mail accounts, they seem more fiddly to set up. I can understand (hopefully) getting web space allocated and transferring data across in readiness for the change, but can you set up e-mail accounts in advance without the domain name?

I know all you experts out there will have the answers.....

Thanks guys,

  Forum Editor 13:03 19 Sep 2009

before you can set up your mailboxes - then it's just a matter of a couple of clicks in the control panel.

I've had a reseller account with Heart for about four years now, and it's been a pleasant experience - only a couple of minor glitches, both of which were sorted out very quickly. I haven't experienced any problems with MySQL databases.

  grumpy-git 16:07 19 Sep 2009

Thanks FE, I was half expecting you to reply as I had seen previous postings from you about Heart.

I have 2 domain names, one of which is rarely used, so I could plan to set that one up first, rather than do everything in one go.

Can you clarify something - if I order my Heart web space, I can then set up the relevant data in that space before actually transferring that domain to Heart?

I have to take small steps doing this sort of thing!

Only downside to this is that my main domain, when I transfer that, will presumably just appear as a folder within the minor domain.

I can only relate to how I saw things with 1&1 but is it possible to reverse domains when they are both at Heart so that the main one is the root and the minor just shown as a folder?

Hope you understand what I'm asking.


  Forum Editor 18:26 19 Sep 2009

before transferring a domain name, but in order to do so you'll have to make sure that the nameservers can be moved to Heart.

In case you decide to do this, the Heart nameservers are: (

and (

  Forum Editor 18:30 19 Sep 2009

on the same subject, which isn't a good idea. I'm going to lock the other thread now, so all future discussions can appear in this one.

Other readers can view the first thread if they click here

  grumpy-git 19:41 19 Sep 2009

Sorry about 2 similar threads, they did start of with different questions. Some forums you're in trouble if you ask more than one question.

Anyway, found this which does explain a few things for me.

click here

No doubt I'll be back asking more questions soon...

  Taran 20:55 19 Sep 2009

From memory the Heart control panel has a feature called Domain Mappings or Domain References (Domain References is, I think, the one you want here).

It can be used to set up a hosting environment for a domain you have not yet transferred into Heart, and it gives you a temporary URL along the lines of http : // ip_address_of_heart_webserver / domain_name_you_are_DNS_pointing .net

It's a while since I've used their control panel, so my memory is probably not the best to work from, and that function may be a reseller only feature and not a general function of standard hosting packages.

I know a lot of folks have had great service from Heart. I am not one of them, so I no longer use them, but this is all relative. They have a lot of pluses in their favour.

Anyway, you can use the above to set up your site(s) including FTP and email before you DNS point the domain(s) into your hosting account(s).

  grumpy-git 19:38 20 Sep 2009

So far so good, but......

Copied the content of one of my domains at my original host to new Heart Home Pro web space.

There is a way to test that the html pages work & that seems fine. I can even start to set up mail boxes before actually trying to run it live.

What I cannot seem to do is set up the second domain to prepare to copy files across, it seems to want to go to the free web space & not the paid for web space.

Stuck on this, any ideas you experts???


  grumpy-git 00:39 21 Sep 2009

Sent off a support request, got a reply within a couple of hours. Not good though, seems I can't have 2 domains in the home pro package without paying 19.99 per year for the domain mapping package.

That's almost another 2 quid a month!

I'm sure I read somewhere that was an option not a necessity if having more that one domain in a package, can't find where I saw it now.

There's always a problem somewhere, at least I have 30 days to cancel for a full refund.

Any comments/suggestions on this?????


  grumpy-git 11:55 21 Sep 2009

Mind-blowing stuff this, the more research you do the worse it gets. Host reviews on the internet always contradict one another, then you read about high fees for transferring out domain names.

It's a minefield out there, don't know if I'm coming or going........


  CodeMeister 10:47 31 Oct 2009

I would strongly recommend that you have a look at the following links.

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