Considering buying a refurbished!

  gaz1111111111 13:26 03 Mar 2011

I was going to buy a refurbished laptop, but I don't know how to tell if it will be any good. I would be buying it as more of a stop-gap and then buy a new, more expensive more serious laptop in a year or so's time, but I would like to be able to watch movies without any trouble, use the internet without any problems etc.
The specs are:
Windows Vista
60Gig Hard Drive
Nero 7
Intel Dual Core 1.66Ghz
mobile intel 945GM graphics card

Its an ACER ASPIRE 5630 and would be costing me around £150

I know the graphics card isnt good for gaming and the hard drive space is smallish, but apart from that what do the people that would know think? If anyone could sum up what I would/wouldn't be able to do, or alternatively whether the laptop would likely die in its first week, that would be very helpful

Cheers one and all


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  johndrew 14:19 03 Mar 2011

Much depends on what you expect, how you use it and how the laptop has been treated.

An abused laptop (dropped/overheated/battery allowed to go completely flat) may well exhibit future problems. Some form of warranty - say 3 or 6 months - would give confidence in its quality. But this is also affected by what you pay.

The CPU isn't particularly fast but if you are only running a movie from DVD with nothing else running it should be watchable. Streaming is another matter as it is subject to many variables.

I would suggest that for general web browsing and occasional DVD movies it should be OK as far as the specification is concerned.

  gaz1111111111 15:34 03 Mar 2011

Thanks for the quick response man.

Someone told me that because its a dual-core processor that should improve its performance? (That persons knowledge could be questionable...)

Also would you be able to give me a general idea of what sort of other variables affect streaming? I mean specific to the machine, and not my internet etc. I would definitely like to be able to stream movies without problems.


  johndrew 15:42 03 Mar 2011

If streaming you will be running other software (e.g. security/connection) depending on how much and what type will have an effect upon performance. On top of that is your connection speed and the site/loading.

Dual core CPU will help.

  bremner 16:54 03 Mar 2011

The hard drive is very small by today's standards but it is fairly simple process to change it for a bigger one.

  Woolwell 18:21 03 Mar 2011

Depends on where you are buying it from - ebay?

  gaz1111111111 09:37 04 Mar 2011

Yeah, its an ebay one.

  gaz1111111111 09:42 04 Mar 2011

As I said its a Intel dual core 1.66Ghz processor, I have been offered another laptop which is basically the same specs except its an Intel Celeron 2 Ghz processor.
I was under the impression that dual-core was usually better than a Celeron, but obviously the speed is different.
Would anyone like to enlighten me?


  Woolwell 12:44 04 Mar 2011

There are Celeron dual core too and a 2 Ghz Celeron dual core may be better than a 1.66 intel dual core. It is rather confusing. See this list of benchmarks click here.

With e-bay I would want to check what happens if it doesn't work or soon breaks eg what warranty is there. Who do you return it to? What are their contact details, is there a telephone number, etc? Who refurbished it and to what standard? Just be very wary.

  gaz1111111111 13:55 04 Mar 2011

Cool, thanks everyone.Seeing as I'm aware its not exactly going to be top of the range and im not paying through the nose for it, I think thats all the info I need.
The guy selling it seems to be a very respected seller so I am going to go for it.

Ta for all the help.

  Dragon_Heart 01:50 05 Mar 2011

2 OK , 4 great.

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