Conroe Chips

  Chris-347369 21:57 28 Jul 2006

I don't know too much about processors so i'm having difficult working this one out.

If you have a Pentium 4 chip in your PC now, if in the future you wanted to upgrade, would you need a new motherboard if you wanted one of the new Conroe ones?

  ed-0 22:03 28 Jul 2006

" Though Core 2 Duo chips use the same Socket 775 interface as current Pentium 4 and Pentium D chips, they require new chip sets, so you'll have to get a new motherboard--you can't just pop a Core 2 Duo chip into your existing Intel-based PC and reap the tremendous performance gains. "

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  gudgulf 22:07 28 Jul 2006

Yes you would.

Conroe or Core2 DUO as it is now known is a socket 775 cpu.........BUT, it requires very precise voltage control which most socket 775 motherboards can't provide.

There seem to be very few boards around for Conroe at the moment and those that do support it are by and large very expensive (well over the £100 mark)

Very desirable nonetheless.

  Chris-347369 22:07 28 Jul 2006

Was worth a try! I won't be upgrading for a good few years then

  chrisbather 21:23 22 Sep 2006

bringing this one back up because i want to buy a new conroe chip but havnt a clue as to which mobo to get. Like you say not all sockeet 775 mobo's will work with a conroe cpu so which one do i buy??

  ed-0 22:08 22 Sep 2006

Best thing is to select your cpu click here. Then add what extras you would like on the motherboard. Oh and what size, do you want it micro or standard.

  Dancingbrave 15:05 23 Sep 2006

Are there not bios updates now too some 775 mobos which once updated will support conroe core 2 duo.

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