Connectung Laptop to Internet

  Les 14:10 28 Dec 2007

I intend to eventually go wifi with this, but before I do I would like to do so directly from the BT Modem.

The modem is currently connected to the Desktop via a USB cable and works fine. BT Broadband software is installed on the desktop.

What I wish to know is: Can I just remove the USB cable from the desktop and connect it to the wireless enabled laptop? If so, what else would be necessary to get what I require, ie:- does the BT software have to be installed on the laptop too etc.

Before doing anything I'd appreciate advice from someone who may be working that way.

  Les 14:13 28 Dec 2007

CONNECTING - not Connectung !!

  birdface 14:25 28 Dec 2007

Connecting with a Ethernet connection your laptop should work straight away.If connecting through Usb you may have to use your Isp's connection disc.I Just use the Ethernet cable with my Grandaughters new laptop and it started as soon as I switched the modem of and on again.

  Technotiger 14:26 28 Dec 2007

What Modem do you have?

The best way IMHO is to upgrade your modem to the BT HomeHub, which BT would supply to you Free. It is then an easy matter to have broadband on both your main desktop pc and wireless to your laptop.

That is how mine is set up.

  Les 15:07 28 Dec 2007

buteman & Technotiger:

Thanks to both of you - I'll try the ethernet route first, later yours technotiger when I go Wireless. I trust that BT Homehub is easy to set up for, as I get older, I find things which were once easy are no longer so but that's no reason to stop trying!Your advice appreciated, thanks again.

  Technotiger 15:09 28 Dec 2007

Bt HomeHub is really easy, and comes with full easy to follow instructions - BTW I will be 73yrs young next month!

Happy New Year.

  Les 15:55 28 Dec 2007


Thanks for that. I've tried buteman's method and I fact, using the laptop at this moment to post this message.

However, I will have a look on the BT web site and go that away.

73! I like the young! I too refer to my age that way for I refuse to act in what some folks see as 'normal' for a 77 year old. My filing is Eyesight, Glaucoma and Macans Disease - a problem somewhat overcome by a 37" LCD with an HDMU Connection.

Best wishes for the new year.

  Strawballs 16:30 28 Dec 2007

Good for you Les

  Technotiger 16:37 28 Dec 2007

I echo Strawballs comment - my failing is mobility, or rather lack of it!

  Les 20:07 28 Dec 2007

Thanks to Buteman, Technotiger and Strawballs for their help and comments. Fortunately Techno, although my eyes are poor my mobility is not - I often walk for 2 miles on fine days so I count myself very lucky . I used to walk the Cheshire canals when I was your age - some 6 to 10 miles over a 6 hour period - very pleasant but having to sell the car put a stop to that! 8-(( I suppose that, like me, you do the best you can in the circumstances and, unlike me, can help others with their troubles.

Cheers, and again, thanks.

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