Thomo1 17:34 03 Oct 2005

Can somebody please quickly tell me the useage for the following connectors:

Din 5 - I have mouse and keyboard. Correct? Anymore?

HD15 - Monitor on my system. Anymore?

Mini Din 6 - Mouse and Keyboard on mine. Anymore?

DB9 - ??

DB25 - I think scanners/printers. Correct? Anymore?

USB Type A Male - baffled thought usb connections were all the same!

Please and thanks.

  MAJ 17:41 03 Oct 2005

If you put them into Google you'll get your answers, Thomo1, click here for example.

  Diemmess 17:43 03 Oct 2005

DB 9 - In ancient days used to be the serial (mouse) connection (COM port 1)

DB 25 - Long ago a parallel port for ALL printers (LPT 1)

USB type A will usually plug into a socket on the computer or USB hub (female)

A smaller male usually plugs into a recent printer and some cameras, though many cameras have a different size "just to make it interesting"

  octal 17:43 03 Oct 2005

DB9 is an RS232.

The connectors you've listed are used in all manner of other items of equipment from computers through to electronic equipment on Jumbo jets, did you have anything particular in mind?

  Diemmess 17:46 03 Oct 2005

I have an aging SCSI Epson Scanner which has a DB 50 male plug on the scanner and a Micro D 50 pin plug (also male) to the SCSI card in the computer!

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