Connector for Laptop HD to PC

  mcheathen 19:30 15 Dec 2011

I've just disconnected a laptop hard drive from a ruined laptop. I want to connect it to my PC so that I can recover the document files. What is the recommended type of cable to use so that I can connect it with a USB port?

  KRONOS the First 19:42 15 Dec 2011

Something like this. Adapter. shop around as I am sure you can pick it up cheaper. Or you can buy a 2.5 Hard-drive caddy.Something like this. Caddy. both connect to your PCvia a USB cable.

  mcheathen 20:23 15 Dec 2011

Thanks Chronus.

  mcheathen 22:24 19 Dec 2011

Unfortunately the Dynamode USB 2.0 SATA 2.5 inch External Hard Disk Caddie does not interface with the laptop's HD. Fortunately I was able to buy it at a reduced price.

It fits inside the enclosure, but the Laptop's interface is about 4.8cm. The interface on the Dynamode USB 2.0 SATA 2.5 inch External Hard Disk Caddie is only 3.5cm and is made for a different type of pin.

Can anyone recommend a cable with a suitable interface? The Laptop's HD is Fujitsu model MHT2040AH IP, IBM P/N 13N6718 40GB.

  mcheathen 22:40 19 Dec 2011

Here is a picture of the HD and its interface:

I need something to cable it up to a PC.

  lotvic 00:10 20 Dec 2011

Your 40Gb Harddrive is a IDE/P-ATA

you have bought a caddy for a SATA Harddrive

That is why the connectors do not fit.


  mcheathen 00:38 20 Dec 2011

I've just managed to buy a 2.5 IDE TO USB HDD HARD DISK DRIVE CADDY from Amazon for £4.40. Anyone want to buy a caddy for a SATA laptop Harddrive?

  KRONOS the First 05:22 20 Dec 2011

If you had got the a adapter you would now have accsess to your hard-drive but I am partly responsible for assuming that the connection was Sata as opposed to IDE. So either get another caddy or an adapter.

If you only spent £4.40 that's a pretty good deal and no doubt will be useful in the future when you get a new PC or give it someone for Xmas.

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