Connection With wi-fi printer

  5ean 11:19 21 Nov 2008

Hopefully someone can help :)

1 Epson Wi-Fi SX600FW
1 Main PC (XP)
1 Second PC (XP)
1 Laptop (XP)
1 Wireles router

Installed printer using ethernet and main PC then removed ethernet so it was totally stand alone wireless and network setting imported to printer. Printing fine over wi-fi.

Installed laptop completley wirelessly in about 5 minutes no problems, printing fine over wi-fi.

Second PC cannot find the printer, it is wirless and can use the internet etc, tried turning off firewall, virus etc etc.

I can't understand how it's finding the router but then through that not detecting the printer when both other machines can.

Is there something I should look for in the PC's settings? I have tried all the Epson advice to no avail.

I'm relucatnt to start again (reset to factory defaults) using the failed PC as the "master" until I've ruled out it's not something obvious.

Thanks in advance for any tips.

  5ean 17:52 21 Nov 2008

Fixed, it just decided to start working so no solution to post.

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