Connection to Two ISP's ?

  KW2K 00:34 04 May 2007

I currently have my Cable Broadband with Virginmedia and this has been fine until a month ago when it went down for more than one week, I was eventually compensated for the loss of Broadband but I was wondering if it would feasible to have another connection to Orange Broadband as I would get this free because I have a mobile on a contract and should my Virginmedia ever go down again I would be able to use my Orange broadband connection. However I have been told that you cannot have Broadband with more than one ISP because of tagging on the line ?, but I was wondering if it is possible considering that one would be with Cable and the other through my phone line. If anyone has any advice on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  Danoh 10:50 04 May 2007

Don't know from practice, but in principle, yes.
"Tagging" on the line relates to ADSL on the phone line rather then Cable, which obviously does not use the phone line.
What could be rather messy, is how you would swap over to run your network via a different modem (ADSL rather then Cable).
From your other post, you have a wirelessly connected laptop and a Belkin wireless router connected to NTL/Virgin's cable modem.
You will need to configure Orange's ADSL modem to act as a bridge and switch off all routing capability, to allow the Belkin wireless router to work. I did this over a year ago (in a different country, for a D-Link ADSL modem and Netgear wireless router). Successful but it was not as straight forward as it would be for an integrated ADSL Modem-wireless-router box.
Be forewarned.

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