connection of TV/DVD RECORDER/VCR/SKY+

  red mike 23:28 15 Jan 2008

Having recently purchased Toshiba LCD TV, could anyone please guide me as to how i may connect the VCR to the other 3 units to either watch the VCR and also transfer material on VHS tapes to DVD Recorder. Existing set up is as follows:-
a. TV(1) SCART to AV1 (tv) DVD RECORDER.
b. TV(2) SCART to TVSCART sky+ box.
c. HDMI CABLE from TV direct to DVD Recorder.
d. AV2 EXT dvd recorder scart to VCRSCART sky+ box.
e. house ariel direct into sky+ box.
f. RF in DVD RECORDER to RF out-1 sky+ box.

Currently, there are NO scart leads connected to the VCR and i have today purchased a Scart Switching Unit which i am led to believe will assist with my problem.
Any simple explanation would be greatly appreciated.

  hmmmm(the original) 10:30 16 Jan 2008

On the read of your sky box you have two scarts. Ensure that the TV scart is connected to the scart socket on your tv which. But if you HDMI cable gives you better quality then forget this.

One thing you may not know is if you connect a DVD or Video to the other sky scart socket. When you turn them, on or paly something it will overide the sky box. Maybe this will help.

  smithers jones 14:14 17 Jan 2008

Are (a.) and (c.) not doing the same thing?

Keep c. and free up a., put the free up scart from tv to video output.

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