connection speed

  john1000 22:23 10 Jul 2003

i currently have adsl connection with freeserve my connection speed is 800,0kbps my sister who has the same has a speed of 576,000 bps is this the same her internet seems alot faster than mine

  VoG II 22:25 10 Jul 2003

Check both your speeds using click here

  The Sack 22:28 10 Jul 2003

click here to see what your speed is.

If you are on a 512Kbs (64KBs) connection then i cant see you really getting 97KBs TBH.

  nick_j007 22:36 10 Jul 2003

What a brilliant little bit of kit! Can I use it as I'm with Freeserve. I ran it as if a BT customer though.
My connection speed has always read 576.

Regards, Nick

  The Sack 22:44 10 Jul 2003

That isn?t your connection speed, that?s the maximum speed you can theoretically achieve including overheads.

  VoG II 22:47 10 Jul 2003

Yep, you can use it.

  TJ Macintosh 22:55 10 Jul 2003

Lad jus wonderin i have BT Broadband,thinkin about what THE SACK said, is he sayin that i actually havent connected at 576.0Kbps, as it always says, or I have actually been seein the connection speed that could be achieved?????

  VoG II 22:59 10 Jul 2003

You could run a test, as above.

The chances of always hitting the quoted speed are, well, zilch.

  nick_j007 23:02 10 Jul 2003

Strange really as with my old dial up it used to vary a bit, and I felt that what I saw is what I got.
So,576 is the max. I can get but in practice it'll be lower I guess.
VoG, Any suggestions as to which ISP I go under? I'm running Freeserve, or does it not matter?

Cheers, Nick.

We're all speed freaks eh?!

I often wear biking goggles I go so fast....

  VoG II 23:10 10 Jul 2003

I don't think it matters.

There are other speed testers if you want to get your goggles dirty:

click here click here click here& click here

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