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  Astrid 14:14 05 Jul 2008

I've tracked a modem connection problem to the master socket, which my computer, Windows XP SP2, works fine from. I'm not sure, though, how to solve the problem. There are two extensions from the master socket, both of which are not used by other phones or computers - they'd be unused if I worked only next to the master socket. Is there a way I can cure the fault without having BT do it for me?

  Ditch999 14:40 05 Jul 2008

Remove the extension wiring from the main socket. The main BT cable comes in to your house and attaches to it via two wires. You are not allowed to interfere with this connection ;-) but you can remove the two extension cables which should be connected to the faceplate of the main socket.

  Astrid 14:58 05 Jul 2008

I'm sorry, maybe I didn't clarify my fault. I want to use my computer from the second extension (second floor of my house), one of ground floor, one on first floor - as at present I can only get a reliable connection from the ground floor, master socket, would removing the extension cables allow me to use the second floor socket without problem?

  Ditch999 15:06 05 Jul 2008

Do you get a dial tone from the extensions?
If not, or to try to make the internet work you need to remove the faceplate of the master socket and see what colour the wires are that are connected in to the terminals labeled 2,3 and 5 (although 3 is not necessary) It should be blue, orange and white with blue, but it does not matter. The extension sockets then need to be wired the same as the master socket for 2,3, and 5. If you have problems connecting try removing 3. Sometimes just reinserting the wires can solve the problem.
Dont forget that any socket with a device plugged in needs a filter.

  Astrid 17:20 05 Jul 2008

I've unscrewed the socket on ground and first floor, checked the colours, which are the same in both except that 5 appears more green and white than blue and white. Would this present any problem? I haven't been able so far to check the first floor as furniture is blocking the skirting where the point is and would entail removing books and bookcase. Is it essential that I check all three sockets? If not, I can go ahead and try the connection on the third floor extension. Thank you for all your help up to now.

  Ditch999 17:56 05 Jul 2008

If 5 is green and white on the master then it has to be the same on the extensions. The same goes for 2 and 3.
I would check all 3 sockets as wires come loose and can touch each other giving problems.
Do you have a dial tone from the 2 extension sockets?
If you wanted to you could remove the 1st floor extension at the master socket but your problem would be identifying which cable is the 1st floor extension.
Am I right in saying that the 2nd floor extension runs to the master socket and not the 1st floor socket?

  Astrid 09:24 06 Jul 2008

I have a dial tone from each socket. The first floor still untested but will be later today. The master socket runs to the first floor and then on to the second floor. I've only ever used my broadband connection from the third floor and until recently it's been fine for three or more years. Yesterday afternoon, after working fine on the ground floor, the flashing on the modem began again. I panicked a little, wondering if I'd messed too much. Eventually I returned the computer and modem etc. to the second floor to see what would happen. I couldn't connect. This morning, I can connect and am working from there now. I can see it's simply a wiring problem but don't want to have BT call for an enormous fee. I'll check the first floor later today. Thank you again. Your input is so much appreciated.

  Astrid 14:43 07 Jul 2008

Thank you, Ditch 999, for all your help. I think I've managed to track down the problem, which was (almost certainly) a fault in the extension connection.

  Ditch999 15:59 07 Jul 2008


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