Connection probs to certain sites only

  fixitnow 12:05 09 Apr 2008

I have given a fully working wireless network to my neighbour. He can only access certain sites on all 3 computers although all sites were available in my house. I was Tiscali he AOL so phoned and they say no probs there. Unavailable sites include Microsoft Update, Live Messenger and internet Barclays banking although the Barclays home page is available. The wireless modem router is Belkin and all 3 comps are running XP Home. My brand new laptop running Vista has the same problem on their network. Is there a permissions I'm missing in the modem or network set up? I'm no expert but I've tried all I know!!! Help greatly appreciated

  DieSse 12:40 09 Apr 2008

See this - AOL problems solved by an AOL update

click here

  Stuartli 12:50 09 Apr 2008

You probably need to set your MTU figure to 1432 in your router configuration.

If it is higher than this figure, you can have problems downloading some websites and/or sending e-mails with attachments (this applies both to AOL and TalkTalk).

  Miros 13:34 09 Apr 2008

Setting MTU size is a process of trial-and-error: start with the maximum value of 1500, then reduce the size until the problem goes away. Using one of these values is likely to solve problems caused by MTU size:

I have had lots of trouble of late with access and slow downloads, all Seems OK now sice tweaking everything with AOL one click fixes you could try that.

Stuarti see the following from Netgear help forum re: MTU note AOL 1400.
1500. The largest Ethernet packet size; it is also the default value. This is the typical setting for non-PPPoE, non-VPN connections. The default value for NETGEAR routers, adapters and switches.
1492. The size PPPoE prefers.
1472. Maximum size to use for pinging. (Bigger packets are fragmented.)
1468. The size DHCP prefers.
1460. Usable by AOL if you don't have large email attachments, etc.
1430. The size VPN and PPTP prefer.
1400. Maximum size for AOL DSL.
576. Typical value to connect to dial-up ISPs.

  Miros 13:39 09 Apr 2008

God knows where this came from
"Setting MTU size is a process of trial-and-error: start with the maximum value of 1500, then reduce the size until the problem goes away. Using one of these values is likely to solve problems caused by MTU size:"

It was posted unintentionally.

  Miros 13:50 09 Apr 2008

I tried various MTU settings to no avail from original 1400 up to 1500 and now back to 1400 and all is OK after the AOL one click tweak. The only other thing I did last night (though not sure it did the job) was optimize settings with click here

You could give it a try.

  fixitnow 15:33 09 Apr 2008

Thanks for the responses. I will try to access the sites through the AOL browser but what are MTU settings? Do I get at them through AOL settings or modem/router settings?
Thanks again

  Stuartli 16:14 09 Apr 2008

As I stated earlier, through your router configuration (at least in my case!)


I suggest you read this beta forum link, which is where I originally discovered the cause of my problems quite by accident after considerable research (I've been with TalkTalk for just over two years and everything had been fine up to this point).

click here

AOL and TalkTalk share the same MTU (hardly surprising!) and the 1432 figure is to cover a setting of 1400 plus overheads.

I'd been using 1458 with no problems until TalkTalk switched to the joint AOL website linkup - altering the MTU instantly cured the situation.

TCPOptimiser also came up with the same MTU answer.

  Stuartli 16:24 09 Apr 2008

Just for your interest, TalkTalk settings at:

click here


click here

There are some modems that will not work with TalkTalk (I assume it also applies to AOL). See:

click here

Some AOL advice:

click here

  fixitnow 17:18 09 Apr 2008

Many thanks to all. The Dr TCP download did the trick. Interesting that AOL could't help, eh!?

  Miros 06:00 10 Apr 2008

Glad your sorted.

Stuartli. I had seen that link on one of your other postings and appreciated your efforts. I did try that 'correction' using Dr TCP some time ago and unfortunately it made not one iota of difference to my connection speeds. Also I'm sure I read somewhere but now can not locate the source, that Windows XP will over ride any MTU settings you make and reset at 1400. If I ever find it I will post and let you know. This would have been in the AOL bumf I guess.

Stuartli. I'm chancing it over the 'border' again later and will be in Wallasey attending a funeral of one of my great buddies that I met while living there :-(

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