connection problems via router

  honeysuckle 20:57 29 Feb 2008

My husband bought a D-Link router which he has tried to connect to the Internet with partial success. It works fine on his laptop and the main pc when connected with the cable but not wirelessly. I can get my laptop connected by cable as well but when I try to browse the web with IE7 I get a 403 forbidden message. What does this mean. My laptop also has a builtin wi fi card but I cannot connect via this as I get a No wireless connection available message. How can I fix this.

  Kemistri 01:55 01 Mar 2008

[1] Ensure that the router's wireless service has been activated by you and that SSID broadcast is on. Check what that SSID is and change it if you wish.
[2] Ensure that all firewalls (those on the clients, not in the router) are either (a) running in their learning mode or (b) pre-configured with the details of the wireless LAN.
[3] Ensure that no adapter management software of any kind has been installed. Let Windows handle it.
[4] Ensure that the W-LAN adapter is switched on via whatever button or keyboard function it requires.
[5] Connect via the single PC-screen icon in the system tray. Browse for your network by refreshing the list and then select it.
[6] Enter your WPA-Pre Shared Key (assuming that you configured one, which you really need to).

  Kemistri 01:56 01 Mar 2008

Oh, and check your manual. You should have PDF copy if not a paper version.

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