connection problems with new PAYG account

  palinka 10:37 15 Nov 2006

I’m trying to set up a Tiscali payg account on my friend’s computer, using a disk. All seems OK, but after setting up the account I cant connect. Tried several times last night and again today – same result each time. The modem is a NetoDragon 56K voice modem and appears to be working as it allowed me to connect to use the sign-up disk. It gets as far as “verifying user name & password” and shows a connection speed of 45.3 but then disconnects with a range of error messages :eg error 31, error 619, “inactive line”, etc, etc.
And as a secondary problem, I cannot get the modem to make any sound at all, in spite of using all the usual solutions for silent modems.
OS is XP Pro, incidentally.
This pc still has AOL installed, though not in use and modem is set to dial Tiscali number; I plan to remove AOL as sooon as I've extracted all the info from the address book; could thi be causing my current problems? I don't see why it should, but I'm grasping at straws here

  palinka 20:43 15 Nov 2006

Solved it! It was the WinXP firewall that was blocking the connection. I've switched it of and will install sygate instead.

  palinka 15:58 16 Nov 2006

IN case this is of help to anyone else - I've now found that I can switch XP Firewall on again and all is well. I rememebr now that I had a similar problem with conflicting programs once before and solved it by installing in a different order. In this case it needed to be AVG before XP Firewall, not other way round.

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