Connection problems with AOL Broadband Silver

  Bettes 20:52 11 Aug 2005

I am running Windows XP Professional and almost a year ago signed up to AOL Broadband Silver. For the past 3 months I find it impossible to get online most evenings after about 9.00pm.When I try to sign in I get to stage 6 (checking password) then the screen just freezes. After several attempts I give up until the following day. Access during the day is very good, and quite fast. I have contacted AOL Live Help and have received lots of advice, but my problem is still present. I suspect that the BT system may not be as "enabled" as I am led to believe! Any help would be gratefully received.
Thank you

  mattyc_92 21:07 11 Aug 2005

Have you tried connecting directly to the net through your Modem?

Go to "Start->Connect To.." and click onto your Modem's name. Now type in your screenname (ie. [email protected]) in the "username" field and the password for this screenname in the password field and click Dial.

NOTE: You MUST be disconnected from the net to be able to connect in this way (in other words sign out of AOL and close the browser)

  mattyc_92 12:10 14 Aug 2005

From E-mail response:

Thanks for your suggestion, but when I followed your method I clicked on "connect to", but my modem was not listed in the drop down menu. Have I missed something? I cannot understand why my internet access is so good during daytime, and the problem persists during late evening. I have been advised that my modem drivers may need updating (BT Voyager 105). I would appreciate any further help.

End Quote.

Please reply in this thread, so others know what is happening.

Try uninstalling your Modem drivers and AOL software. Restart your system and then re-install your modem drivers. Then try what I previously posted.

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