Connection problem with router/modem/pc

  Emporio 21:46 18 Dec 2005

Please can someone help. I tried connecting my wireless Belkin DSL/cable router. I followed the instructions carefully provided on the set up DVD. All seemed to be going fine until I reached the final stage, where it checks for the internet. "The wizard will now check for the internet...this can take a few minutes". It tries 10 times and does not connect. I have checked that I have plugged everything in correctly and followed the procedures. But can't think what the problem is. Please can somebody help?

  mgmcc 21:57 18 Dec 2005

When I set up my router (not actually a Belkin) at the end of the configuration it performs a test to check the internet connection. I've never yet managed to get the test to work, so I just forget it and exit the setup. It hasn't stopped the router from working.

I have used a Belkin router with cable broadband and there is really nothing to it as far as the internet connection is concerned. Just set it for a direct connection.

  Emporio 22:11 18 Dec 2005

how do I set it for a direct connection? I am with telewest and am trying to roam with both of my laptops using the wireless dsl/cable router. I am using 2 ethernet cables. The problem seems to be connecting to the internet.

  mgmcc 22:25 18 Dec 2005

Unfortunately, I no longer have the Belkin Router to try with, but if you access its setup pages, by entering into a web browser, there should be a section to set up the type of connection with options such as Direct Connection, PPPoE (for DSL) and another option, possibly relating to whether you have a fixed or dynamic IP address.

Also in the router's home page, you should be able to see if it has got its IP address from Telewest.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but when changing connections to the router, it is important to power off the router for a couple of minutes. When it reboots it will then detect a new device connected to it and allocate a new IP address.

  Emporio 22:32 18 Dec 2005

I am wondering whether it is to do with the fact that I was originally using the USB cable to connect to the internet prior to buying the router? Also whether Norton Antivirus has anything to do with it?

I would like to use both of my ethernet cables to connect wirelessly using the Belkin Dsl/cable router and do want to be able to able to roam on both my laptop. I have tried connecting to the internet again without using the wizard and have had no luck.

  mgmcc 22:43 18 Dec 2005

Before I gave my Belkin router away, I reset it to factory defaults. When I set it up with its new owner, I connected the modem to the router's WAN port and connected the PC to a LAN port. I powered on the modem, waited for 4 green lights, powered on the router and waited until it was fully operational and then booted the PC. That was it - I didn't even set anything up, just plugged it in and switched on.

Having used the cable modem with USB before shouldn't be an issue and AntiVirus software should cause a problem - it is firewall software that causes connection problems.

  mgmcc 22:45 18 Dec 2005

"and AntiVirus software should cause a problem"

Oops! should read:

"and AntiVirus software SHOULDN'T cause a problem"

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