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  Camille 18:31 14 Mar 2004

In the foolish belief that I know about computers, my mother has asked me to fix a connection problem she's having with her new pc. She runs xp and has just had Tiscal b/b installed. When she tries to connect using either the desktop icon OR by launching IE6, the server sometimes recognises her and sometimes doesn't. She retypes the password and sometimes this works, but most of the time she has to try several times before the password is taken.
I tried to connect - it worked 1st time. I disconnected and then tried to reconnect and it refused to work!
What should we do?

  User-312386 18:34 14 Mar 2004

is the connection in the startup folder?

  gudgulf 18:43 14 Mar 2004

Not much help I know but I had exactly the same problem with Tiscali( dial-up in my case)

Since I changed over to Virgin this has not happened once!!

All in all I think it might be a problem with Tiscali rather than your mothers pc.

  Camille 21:50 14 Mar 2004

I'm on Tiscali bb and this has not been an issue for me. I checked my own startup folder and there is something there that relates to the ADSL. If it's missing in my mother's folder - how do I put it there?

thanks for the advice btw

  gudgulf 21:57 14 Mar 2004

Not having broadband I'm out of my depth here---however it is strange that the password is recognised one time and not another---wait a while and then it is(certainly bugged me!!)

I'm wondering if this is anything to do with contention ratios and the number of other people trying to log on at any one time.

Anyone else any ideas????

  Indigo 1 22:03 14 Mar 2004

When you talk about connecting, do you mean that the DSL is connecting or are you refering to an application connecting.

In my case I must wait for ADSL to confirm connection before I can connect with IE6 or Outlook etc. If I try to connect IE6 or Outlook etc before ADSL has confirmed connection then I can't get online.

Is this making any sense ??

  Camille 23:44 14 Mar 2004

When trying to connect to the internet using the ADSL modem - usually (for me anyway) the username and password are already entered and it's just a matter of clicking on dial. At this point, it seems to be a matter of luck whether the ISP server recognises the password and allows the pc to connect.
Sometimes it refuses and says it doesn't recognise the password. Sometimes it connects. Sometimes just rebooting the pc and then trying to connect works. In all cases the password used is the same one.

  Camille 23:48 14 Mar 2004

gudgulf - not entirely sure what a contention ratio is, but this happens at any time of the day and has never happened to me. Would a surge in demand result in the password not being recognised?

I'm not at my mother's house, so can't check the startup folder. I'm wondering if this might be the problem, but can't check right now

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