Connection Of Multifunction Panel To MoBo

  Grandad Fatboy 14:43 03 Feb 2009

Hi, I would really appreciate some help solving this problem.

I wish to fit a multi function device into a spare 5.25 drive bay in my PC. The drive bay unit contains; multi card reader (4 slots), audio (4 ports), USB (3 slots), IFEE 1394 (1 slot) and a power cable. I have studied the MOBO instruction manual and diagram, but I can't ascertain as to where to connect the cables on the motherboard. The motherboard in question is an ASUS M2A-VM.

The IFEE 1394 cables are marked GND, VCC12V, XTPAIM, XTPBIM, XTPAIP, & XTPBIP.
The USB cables are marked GND, D+, D- & VCC.
The audio cables are marked MIC-R, MIC-L, FRONT-R, FRONT-L, REAR-R, REAR-L, GND, BASS & CENTER.

Is it possible to connect the functions of the panel directly to the motherboard?
Is there an alternate method of connecting the cables to the motherboard?

I don't really want to give up on fitting this unit as it will greatly ease access and improve my work flow. I have included a link to the diagram for this panel. [IMG]click here[/IMG]

Any help in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:13 03 Feb 2009

Internal I/O Connectors
*** 3 x USB 2.0 connector supports additional 6 USB 2.0 ports you need two
*** High Definition Front panel audio connector
*** IEEE 1394 connector

COM port connector
CD audio-in connector
1 x S/PDIF output connector
CPU / Chassis/ Power Fan connectors
Chassis Intrusion connector

24-pin EATX power connector
4-pin ATX 12V Power connector

With CPU at top and rear connector panel on left your connections are along bottom of board.

Can you link a picture of the diagram in the MOBO manual?

  ambra4 00:20 04 Feb 2009

β€œIs it possible to connect the functions of the panel directly to the motherboard?”

Yes you have to connect the cables from the Multifunction panel as follows

USB 1 cable connect to the connector USB56 top row 5 pins

USB 2 cable connect to the connector USB56 bottom row 4 pins

USB 3 cable connect to the connector USB78 top row 5 pins

Card Reader USB cable connect to the connector USB78 bottom row 4 pins

The USB cable are connected as follows top and bottom row is the same

Top Row 5 Pins

Pin 1 - VCC – USB + 5V

Pin 2 - D – to P5-

Pin 3 - D + to P5+

Pin 4 - GND to GND

Pin 5 is not used

Bottom Row 4 Pins

Same as top row

Page 41 section 1-29 USB Connectors

Do Not Connect The Firewire IEEE 1394 Cable To The USB Connectors, As You Will Damage

The Motherboard

You cannot use the Firewire IEEE 1394 connector, as there is no Firewire connector on the


Also there is no connector to connect the 6-channel audio interface cable on the motherboard

  Grandad Fatboy 18:00 05 Feb 2009

Thanks for your replies Fruit Bat & Umbra 4.

I was hoping that I could use all the functions of this panel to make my computing life a little easier. Oh well if its not to be, at least I got the panel for free.

Let me throw another question at you both, if I may! I'm running amd 64 6000 dual core with 2GB ram, 500Gb SATA on the M2A-VM MOBO. Can either of you recommend a MOBO that does have the connecability that I require? Maybe I can source a used one on Ebay!

Thanks again.

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