Connection drops. Or does it?

  HighTower 07:46 17 Aug 2007

This is really doing my head in!

It was a rough day yesterday. As well as Skype going down I've also had connectivity problems. Don't think that it's the same issue but who knows. I use a Netgear wireless PCI network card in a PC (excellent signal strength), which talks to the Netgear wireless router in the room next door. These components are a couple of months old.

I've also got a Netgear Skype Phone, this is a phone in a cradle which wirelessy communicates with it's own base, which connect's via an RJ45 cable to the mentioned router. So the phone's connection comes from the wireless router.

Since yesterday I've been in the bizarre situation where on occaisons I've been connected to the web in theory but have only been able to visit two sites (that I know of). These were the Heart Internet homepage and the Skype Call Log page.

It's happened again this morning, so I've tried a couple of things. First of all I've turned off the Netgear Phone while Skype sort themselves out. I've also switched off my wireless mouse in case it's causing some sort of interference (getting desperate eh!), but other than that I'm lost as to the reason why this happens.

If the connection was either on or off I would perhaps understand a bit more, but this is strange. Whenever it happens I can still always visit the same sites I've mentioned, but others such as BBC and Google won't load up. The title bar will, but the page is empty.

Anyone any ideas? The hardware is all quite new but I suppose that doesn't rule out failure. The connection is on and seems fine at the moment, so I posting this now while I have the chance!

Cheers all!

  HighTower 07:47 17 Aug 2007

Forgot to mention, ISP is Pipex. Haven't called them yet as I haven't got time to sit in a queue for half an hour.

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