Connection of D-Link DIR- 615 router

  geedad 13:23 17 Nov 2010

I am about to try to link two PCs, and I am buying a D-Link DIR- 615 wireless cable router for my Virgin setup.
Not knowing how this works, when my router is connected to my PC, can it then hand-shake with the other PC in the same room WITHOUT a physical connection?
It will be linking an XP with a Windows 7 PC.

  Taff™ 13:58 17 Nov 2010

Only if both Machines have a connection (Cable or Wireless) to the router and both machines are set up on the same network to share printers and files for example. By defaults, Windows 7 and XP have different network names but it is easy enough to change them both to the same one.

  geedad 14:55 17 Nov 2010

Thank you very much. I just didn't want to run cables all over the floor to make these two PC's talk to each other. My Brand new HP i5 PC has got the lot in terms of connectivity, and the older SONY RS404 has "i-Link S400" built in, and I have been using that one with VirginMedia, and I will swap that now for the new main HP PC.
So will that be OK?
Thanks again

  Woolwell 16:16 17 Nov 2010

I run a Vista desktop and up to 3 laptops (XP and Vista) off a DIR-615 router and they speak to each other. The XP laptop uses the printer attached to the Vista desktop. The desktop is connected by ethernet cable and all of the rest use wireless.

i-link S400 is firewire and you will not be using that. You probably connected it with its ethernet port. Unless one of your systems has wireless then you will need to run cables. You can add wireless by inserting a PCI card or use a USB dongle.

  geedad 16:42 17 Nov 2010

Thanks, Woolwell.
As I stated, my new HP i5 has great connectivity. and I will be setting it up soon. The older Sony has:
Agere Systems AC97 Modem
1394 Net Adapter
Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection
Networking Dns Servers
NEC OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller.
( I'm just reading off the 'Belarc Advisor' profile of my Sony, so I am not sure what many of them mean, or whether it meets the router requirements.)?

  Woolwell 17:22 17 Nov 2010

I am fairly sure that your Sony does not have wireless if this is your system click here.
If you are going to connect the HP by cable to the router and you want to avoid wires for the Sony then you will need either a card or a USB dongle eg D-link DWA-140 click here# or something similar

  geedad 17:32 17 Nov 2010

That's my Sony PC!
Can you inteprete the setup on this to see if I need a dongle to connect?
Thank very much again!

  Woolwell 17:36 17 Nov 2010

It's unusual for desktops to have wireless and this one doesn't. You will need to put in a card or use a dongle to use wirelessly with the router.

  Taff™ 17:45 17 Nov 2010

I assume both are tower PC`s so you will, as Woolwell suggests need to get a wireless adapter for the older Sony unless you simply run an ethernet cable to the router. A wireless dongle (USB Wireless Adapter) would be the easiest answer and if they are in the same room or even adjacent rooms, one of the older "wireless G" adapters will do. (The DIR-615 uses wireless N but is backward compatible)

  geedad 19:27 17 Nov 2010

That's first class, and thank you both!

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