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  bursar 10:07 08 Feb 2003

I use BT Surf Time Evenings & Week-ends and Freeserve Home time for the ISP end of the deal. Question. When I connect or try to connect during the non-free periods ie week days 0800-1800, it often takes 2, 3 or 4 attempts to make the final online connection. The dial out makes the initial connection, and the system then tries to verify the user name/password. With minimum BT charges of 5p/connection am I being charged 5p per failed attempt to verfy the user name or does nothing start the charging clock until going online?
If the former applies,trying three individual connections for simple stuff like e-mail collection during the day and taking 12 attempts to get online in the process ie minmum charge of 60P/day alters the price of fish and makes all-day connection packages more attractive

I have a feeling that I read an item concerning my query in an ancient edition of PC Advisor .

Anyone out there with the definitive answer please? Sailor

  Pcloe 10:13 08 Feb 2003

Why dont you.... sign up for freeserve anytime !

Its £13.00 per month and you have unlimited surfing time. I think theres a deal on now where your first month is charged at £6.00

But saying that when i joined up 1st month was free, but that deal might of finished.

I got sick of worrying about how long i was online on payas you go. My mum was terrified of the phone bill !

  anchor 12:45 08 Feb 2003

Yes, you will be charged every time the call is answered by their server. The clock starts running then.

It certainly can mount up if you have a number of failed attempts. Perhaps Freeserve is just too busy, and you might consider another ISP. Consider OneTel; I used them in the past, (before going Pipex broadban), and found them excellent.

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