Connecting xbox360 to PC via VGA sound Problems

  Mak88 19:28 20 Apr 2007

Well i bought an xbox VGA cable which allows the user to veiw the xbox 360 through the pc monitor with excellect HD quality pictures which works fine but the problem i'm having is the audio side of things. I've used an rca audio splitter to connect the red and white audio cables from the xbox vga side to the back of my pc but still no luck with the sound, can anyone help me out here?

  malgall 20:37 20 Apr 2007

i have connected xbox sound directly to my speakers not the pc

  Mak88 20:40 20 Apr 2007

Well how did you do that? i've tried it myself and it never worked but i've got it working some how through the microphone socket so that will do me

  malgall 21:02 20 Apr 2007

i have a 5.1 speaker setup and on the sub woofer
there is a aux in jack plug i use an rca to jack plug adapter to plug in xbox 360
the sound is only stereo but it works fine

  Mak88 21:04 20 Apr 2007

Mines just regular set of stereo speakers, the sound quality is cimprimised through the microphone socket though.

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